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Defining Discipline Essay

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When the majority of the population hears the word discipline they automatically associate the word with terms like punish and control. These clichéd adjectives will limit a person’s ability to expand their thinking past an evident definition. This limitation blinds them from seeing more than one interpretation of the word, thus preventing the consideration that maybe discipline is more than just a form of punishment. Discipline is to enforce a firm collection of guidelines either to correct an undesirable behavior or to achieve a certain goal with the intended objective of beneficial results. It is a necessity to reach personal ambitions as well as to help guide people onto the right path. Though the concept of discipline is negatively recognized as enforcing a controlling, punishing and restricting set of rules onto another; when used appropriately, the concept of discipline shows positive benefits not only onto others but also onto one-self.
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As a result, she is gradually learning which behaviors are acceptable and which are not, improving her overall demeanor. Although discipline applied to others results in a beneficial behavioral improvement, it is not the only positive form of discipline. Another effective form of discipline is self-discipline.
Discipline of one-self is to diligently control ones own impulses and actions to achieve what they’re striving for. Having self-discipline is one of the hardest things to acquire; it takes vast amounts of dedication and motivation. Nearly all self-discipline is geared towards personal improvement, most commonly related to health and fitness. Shannon, a girl I used to work with, has always been skinny. She never worried about lack of exercise or what she ate until a few years ago. Shannon explained that she was starting to feel depressed by all the toxic food she was eating. Finally becoming tired of feeling bad all the time, she took the first step and decided to change her life around. After initially just changing her diet, she immediately noticed a difference in how she felt. She then began to incorporate additional improvements such as adding exercise, becoming vegan, and only eating organic foods. None of these changes happened over night, it took a lot of determination and most of all discipline. Even to this day Shannon still has moments where she struggles to keep her self-control. When this happens she reminds herself how hard she has worked to feel as great as she does. Though it is hard to achieve, self-discipline will always be rewarded with a positive outcome.
The term discipline is enforcing a firm collection of guidelines. At first glance it may give people a pessimistic point of view of its initial interpretation. However when taking a second look it shows as a necessity for growth and when used fittingly, will almost always have a positive effect on one-self and on others. Whether it’s helping your child learn enhanced behaviors or self-implementing strict health practices, the end results show improvement in daily life. In conclusion, next time people start to automatically react to a specific word in a negative manner, they need to make sure to contemplate all aspects of the definition before assuming that there is only one way to classify a word.

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