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Defining Moments In The Canadian History.

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All throughout Canada in the 20th Century there have been numerous events,actions and decisions that we call defining moments. Canada has been throughmany battles, very hard chosen decisions, and gone through many changes thathave changed the way Canadians live today. The battle of Vimy Ridge, the lifeon the home front in World War One, the invasion of D-day, and the impact ofimmigration were the most important defining moments for Canada in the 20thCentury.Vimy Ridge is now called a Canadian Milestone. It was one of the notablemoments because it brought world recognition and a strong sense of patriotismtowards Canada. The battle of Vimy Ridge took place at Vimy Ridge and was onEaster Monday, 1917. There had been more than just one battle over the Ridge.The French had tried to win the Ridge three different times, but they were notsuccessful. In fact, none of the countries were. When it came time for Canada,they used a new and different approach. They combined careful preparation,precise timing, and a great job of the gunners. Canada won the battle in a fourday victory. Canada gained more land, more captured artillery than any otherBritish offensive in the entire war, and more prisoners. The battle of Vimy Ridgewas so very important because it was after this fight that people started toappreciate Canada and thought that Canadians could manage to be their ownnation. Any time before the battle of Vimy Ridge, Canada had always been alliedwith Britain. With the winning of the Ridge, Canada got more independence thatchanged the way people thought of Canada. One Canadian soldier at the battlerecalled: "The winning of the Ridge gave every man a feeling of pride. Anational spirit was born; we were Canadian and could do a good job of paddlingour own canoe."1. The Canadians had won the only significant victory for theAllies in 1917. It was a turning point in the war for the Allies and for Canada asa nation.The beginning of World War One had a great impact on the living conditionsback on the home front in Canada. While the war was going on, it was a totallydifferent situation back at the home front in Canada. Since most of the menwere at war fighting overseas for their country, things had to change for thewomen of Canada. They had to help out their country in different ways then1. Evans, R., Fielding, J. Canada. (Canada: Nelson Thomas Learning, 2000), 82fighting. Many of the women helped by knitting warm clothing and makingbandages for the distribution by the military. They also contributed byorganizing numerous committees and became unofficial military recruiters,pressed by posters appealing to wives and the patriotic mothers of the war.Many of the women took on jobs that had been considered men's work beforethe war started. They started working in factories and took up all kinds oflaboring jobs. The role of Canadian women in the war also gave them additionalammunition in their own campaign for their right to vote. Until 1917, theCanadian law stated that...

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