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There are few words that possess a positive connotation to the extent that people will become invigorated and inspired just at the mention of it; Success is one of these words that cause an elaborate collaboration of emotions, which is usually summated by the emotions of elated happiness and paralyzing fear. Along with the emotional reverberation that the mere mention of the word causes, it is also plagued by numerous interpretations. Many times the cerebral vision that society pictures when contemplating success is a prodigious amount of money, with luxury cars and private jets to boot; however, this is a very superficial viewpoint of success, and many of the wealthiest people that inhabit ...view middle of the document...

Success is also not defined by the prestige of the career that they choose, which is a common goal of people who are rigorously involved in higher education. The more successful career is the profession that allows a person to be caught in what is called a “flow,” which is a psychological term defined as being immersed in a career that the partaker is so invigorated by that they lose track of time and concentration on other societal troubles. This leads to a more enjoyable life and a greater sense of self-worth.
Many people in society are often occupied and engulfed by matters only pertaining to themselves, while truly successful people engage in altruistic activities that often benefit other members of their community. This gives people the sense that they are actively taking steps to better the lives of others, further enriching their feeling of self-fulfillment. The activities they partake in however, will have to be of intrinsic motivation, vacant of any sort of external award. If the intentions were extrinsic, they would not be achieving a gratifying purpose that is often associated with altruism. A common example of this would be politicians, who thrust themselves behind selfless causes with the sole intention of inflating their perceived moral image in order to increase their chance of re-election. This is often indicative of true success because when people correct perceived social woes, they absorb a sense of accomplishment and feel as though they have truly made a difference in a world that is so often plagued by tragedy and injustice. Altruism isn’t always done for complete strangers either, and even acts that are beneficial towards family and friends are also pivotal in achieving a sense of success. Like when a parent makes a sacrifice so that their child can live a better life, or when somebody gives financial assistance to...

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