Definition Essay Defining Freedom

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Definition Essay – Defining Freedom

Is it possible to define freedom? To define freedom is more than a difficult task, but perhaps easier than one might imagine if not overanalyzed. Given ample time to consider the task, however, a simple, sufficient definition can present itself: freedom is the ability to choose, for any creature living life in any place in any time. There is no greater truth to the statement, and no underlying meanings; freedom is simply the ability to choose.

So one might ask, "If this ability to choose applies to all creatures in all places in all times, why can freedom only be defined in the context of the specific creature whose definition of freedom is concerned?" That is simple. Freedom is something that can only be experienced to some extent; there is no such thing as absolute freedom. However, each varying life form has differing boundaries to which this freedom can conform. If such a thing as absolute freedom were to exist, then those who possessed it could do absolutely anything imaginable.

One could then wonder, if there is this implicit ability to choose, what (or who) this ability is derived from? This could potentially be a difficult question to answer, for any reply would certainly imply some brand of creation that any one could disbelieve. A supernatural being (I'll refer to the Christian "God") could have created the universe in which we live, or it could have been constructed by chance. Neither view can be proven, and neither can prove the other wrong, and there is no law saying that a combination of the two cannot be the reason for our existence. If God is our omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent creator, the question becomes not who or what we came from, but where He came from. Divine creation may offer some answers, but it is not an explanation. There are no observable effects that distinguish its product from a "naturally" originated universe. Not only is it unobservable and incomprehensible, but it is also supposed to be performed by an entity whose own origin simply reintroduces the...

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