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Definition Of A Good Day Essay

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Every Day is a Good Day
“Cause you had a bad day. You’re taking one down. You sing a sad song just to turn it around.” This is a lovely song of Daniel Powter. When I listen to this song, I have a sense that there are tons of reasons that can make one’s day a bad day. But have people ever wondered why every little thing can destroy their day? There is just a simple answer: because a too high standard for having a “good day” is set up. In fact, in the simplest way, a checked off “to-do-list”, a good night’s rest and quality time with family can bring everyone a good day.
A day that has tons of things that cannot be done is not a good day. If someone wakes up with a “to-do-list”, they do not need to worry about what needs to be done today or something they might forget to do. A done “to-do-list” is a reward after a day for every effort they make because it brings the feeling of completing a goal, so it ...view middle of the document...

If someone wants to have a beautiful day, besides waking up prepared, they should not let themselves look like a panda after getting up in the morning. A deep nice sleep can refill energy, and refresh one’s mind for the next effective working day, and it can also help people look prettier the next morning so that they can be more confident to achieve a wonderful day. After a long day, the body needs to rest in order to prepare everything perfectly for the next day, so after a hard working day, there is nothing better than some favourite music and a warm blanket for a deep sleep, which let the tissues take a break.
Nobody can live happily just by sleeping and working because they also need their belongingness to support them and to feel that they are not alone. Although anyone can be under pressure in work or stressful about a lot of things, spending time with family can calm them down and cheer them up to brighten their day. When people are around their family, they can feel more comfortable and more secure because their babies can make them laugh, and their beloved can encourage or help them with every single problem they have. For instance, a student receives a not good result of the mid-term paper, so he might feel this is going to keep like this, and today is a terrible day. But when he comes home, his mom prepares his favourite pasta for him, and his dad brings him to the stadium to watch football, which is a passion of father and son. That wonderful time can make him feel better and make his day seem not that bad. Time with family is valuable because it helps people to perceive love around them and make their days more worth to live.
There are thousands of homeless out there, but how can they experience their day with joy? Maybe with them, a day when they have a full stomach and have some extra food for their pet is a wonderful day. Everybody has to acknowledge that someone is lucky than the others because at least they have home to come back to rest at night, have family by their sides and have things to do. So just enjoy the day in the simplest way and make everyday a good day.

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