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Definition of Burglary
Crime is defined as an act that violates the criminal law and is punishable by the state. (Conklin, 2013, p. 3) Burglary is considered a property crime by The Uniform Crime Reporting program (UCR) and defined as “entry into a structure using force without permission to commit a felony or theft.”(FBI, 2010) The UCR collects data on various crimes that are reported by law enforcement agencies. By collecting and publishing data received from law enforcement officers the information can be used in the future to improve the time officers respond to calls as well as give the public information on crime statistics.

Research Strategies in Burglaries
There are many different ways of researching crimes and criminal behaviors. It is important to research how crimes happen and what makes criminals behave the way they do so that crimes can be reduced and the criminals can be caught and punished as needed without others getting hurt. Studying criminal behavior gives us insight on how to teach others to protect themselves from these crimes happening, improve response time of officers to a call and even help officers find victims quicker. For this paper I have chosen to discuss the Observation Approach meaning to watch and study a criminal in their environment while staying unknown, this can be done in different ways such as using cameras, microphone or even private investigating. I have also chosen The Survey Approach when it is applied to the crime of Burglary. Surveying past criminal gives us the opportunity to ask a variety of questions from criminals who can stay anonymous then we can analyze the results and work towards ways of protecting citizens.
In 2010 the UCR reported that there was a 2 percent decrease in burglaries from 2009 bringing the total to around two million. (FBI, 2013) One case that I researched on burglary was

Observation Approach
Using the Observation Approach when it comes to studying criminal behavior can be difficult at times because you have to study the criminal in their own environment without them knowing so this means you will have to either become friends with them without them knowing you are only observing their behaviors or you will have to investigate them undercover by videotaping them. This approach can be difficult because criminals sometimes like to work alone.
Observation is not always a good source of research because while you are undercover you are watching these criminal perform these crimes and cannot say anything or do anything to stop them or it will compromise the material you are collecting. “Observation could also cause misunderstandings in what is actually happening as found in predictive policing where an officer receives a report that states to be at a marked destination because it has a higher chance of a crime happening that has happened in the past of people who wear black hoodies and dark glasses. The police officer goes to the marked area and sees a person with a black...

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