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I would say that Creativity is subjective. It is basically anything you create. But it is very special when it crosses that line into objective and is also enjoyed by a larger audience. That could mean either in acceptance or in critique. Even if they criticize it, they're still taking the time and effort to view it and then to criticize it. One person's art and creation could be another person's waste of time and effort. Let's define Art as the result of Creativity. Those who criticize Art are not being objective as they are unable to appreciate it. They dismiss it as wasted Labor. They really don't understand that really everything is actually the result of artistic endeavor from cave paintings onward. We think first and foremost that creativity is a personal outlet. But Getting this backwards, we also believe that it needs to first and foremost gain response from others; means it is no longer a personal outlet. To me, creativity is a frangible quest for personal confirmation or justification.
I agree with Lemons in his classified of the process of creating into five categories: Cognitive development which implies that “creative thought is a form of complex problem solving and problem finding” (Lemons 757). Gestalt: this states that “creative transformation requires a shift in perception” (Lemons 757). Psychoanalytical: holds the view that dreams can be an important tool in the creative process” (Lemons 758). Association: Daydream also helps creative process (Lemons 758). Humanist: when individual holistically integrate all their expressions. While the question of “what is creative or not” remains relative, and Judgments of creativity are inherently communal, relying heavily on individuals expert within a domain. We can still agree that the process of creativity varies. People are inspired differently.
People have been known to approach creativity in different ways. Some plan first and some do it backwards. However, there are steps one take when engaging in creativity. Idea accumulation: previous ideas accumulated through various processes helps. Problem finding: inspiration or passion to solve a problem, or finding an underlying problem. Idea generating: Generating Idea to solve the underlying problem. Mental brake: sometimes you might need to keep the work down and return to it latter. It makes...

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