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Definition Of English Writings Essay

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English College writing is necessary and required course, which will allow us get graduated at the end of any associate degree. We may put on consideration to take this course whether online or on campus. I am taking English college writing online because is my only choice. In addition of family responsibilities, I have a full time job with a flexible schedule. Because I try the online courses before, I like it so much and it worthed. Besides, the online courses save me time rather than take trains or buses and run to campus, I enjoy working on my own any time and anywhere I have the chance for that. English college writing course will teach us new writings skills. However we have to follow the course instructions.
I always had cravenness of college English writing, because my writing skills are not at the high-level. However from what I learned fear happened only at every beginning. According to that I encourage myself to take this course, so I will not have this fear again. I kept skipping this course for almost two years because of my fearfulness. I am writing to you so you don’t do same mistake. Just trust yourself and take this class. It’s for learning more writing skills.
College writing is a course where we learn how to write, give our opinions and share our thoughts on certain topics. We may not have enough knowledge about such subjects, however we still can use our ideas from what we know and how we understand the subject. College writing has to be conceptualizing on an organized and high-level way, which makes sense to readers. Really is not about how much we know more than how much our writings are convincing and clear that can make readers understand.
As we know there are kinds of writings, college writing and poor old writing. Old writing is just a simple way to write ideas with poor vocabulary. The writing will be understood but not at the college level. Whereas, college writing has powerful ideas, sustainable opinions, organized and highly written. Writing is the good way to show and share opinions and ideas. People don’t know what inside our brains unless if we tell them. If we want our ideas to be understood by readers we should properly written it. By writing an essay, a piece of writing that examines and evaluates a topic or subject. Besides, an essay is designed to get the writer’s opinion between the lines. We can make others understand...

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