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Subjectivity, impartiality and Ethics
Subjectivity, impartiality and Ethics While it is debated as to whether or not we can obtain pure impartiality, I'd like to attempt to submit a definition of what I mean by "impartial". I could use the dictionary, but words often take on a personal meaning. Ironic, really, that I'm offering a subjective definition of impartial. A thing can be said to be impartial if it fits, consistently, within a larger and falsifiable framework or explains the operations of that framework with greater clarity. Multiple subjects must be able to perceive, and understand, this relationship between object and framework. The trouble with non-natural philosophy is that one has to rely on axioms (or bullshit - they're really the same) to establish one's position. In making my argument for a definition of 'impartial', I now have to create supporting arguments (likely without end) to build up this framework. And thus, religion called out to some. "Take it on faith" is easier, but less intellectually stimulating. A) A thing fits, consistently, within a larger and falsifiable framework OR it explains the operations of that framework with greater clarity. B) Multiple subjects must be able to perceive, and understand, this relationship between object and framework. C) The thing is impartial. Premise A, Dissected First, “Consistently”. By this, I mean simply that it fits in with other empirical studies, experiments, theories, etc. For example, it was once sensible to conclude that the Earth was flat based on the available evidence (if one didn’t look too far). This was inconsistent with the reality revealed by exploring the cosmos, as well as experiments mapping the lengths of shadows during different parts of the day, etc. Reality is the ultimate arbiter here. The larger and falsifiable framework is the empirical universe. Explaining the operations of that framework with greater clarity means that a theory or observation has accurate predictive power. Premise B, Dissected Multiple subjects. The individual cannot be said to be impartial or anything approaching it. In such a relationship between one individual and one object, the subject is always going to play a role. By creating a collective of subjects, we begin to cancel out differences, to find an average perception. Granted, this is a human-average - with our species' biases and shortcomings - but there are no other (known) entities who can enter into this dialogue. Perception and understanding. These subjects should be able to describe what they have...

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