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Hey ya'll. What's up? Chillin'? Ya'll better have been "chillin'" before ya'll started reading this 'cause ya'll are in for a big surprise. So may I ask you guys what is wrong with talking like I did in the previous four sentences? My guess is that most of you think that those sentences are perfectly okay, but it's not. Speaking like that will make people question your qualifications, create doubts about your accomplishments and hinder your chances of succeeding in the future. Language will help show others how you have been brought up in the past, what kind of a person you are, and how your future might shape up. Basically language shows a lot about your character. Language is not just a tool by which you communicate with each other, but it has a deeper meaning that reveals your identity: your past, your present, and your success in the future.Your language often provides much information about your past. Now you may be wondering how language, a tool by your standards, reveals your past? Well you will be very surprised by how much of your history your language gives away. Dialect is the first and foremost thing that comes to my mind when I think about how language represents one's past. As all of you know, United States of America is a huge country and many people from different regions have different dialects. Think about a time you met a tourist who was a stranger to your neighborhood. Did he sound exactly like you? If he did then I would assume that he grew up in a surrounding that is similar to yours. But most likely, that stranger probably did not have the same dialect as you do. By paying attention to the way he speaks, you can probably guess what part of the country he is from. Lets look at Peyton Manning as an example. Have you noticed that in many of his interviews, he uses the term "dag gone good" to describe his and his team's performances? So where do you think he was born and raised at? Here's a hint: it is the same state that you grew up in. If you guessed the state of Louisiana then you are correct. See how easy it was to know where the famous Peyton Manning was born because of his language? Not only does language tell others where you grew up, but it also informs others of your family history. Yes your language gives away information about your family. The way you talk portrays the way you were raised. If your parents used derogatory terms to express their feelings near you, you will catch their habits and start using offensive terms too. Lets say we were having a conversation and I used variety of slang terms to express my feelings. Wouldn't you think that I was raised in a family that used slang terms to show their feelings? My language showed you my family's background and it would do the same for you. You should not consider language as just a tool used in order to talk to each other, but think of it as a way that tells others of your past.So do you still think language is just a tool for communicating with each other? Well...

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