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Definition Of The Word "Insanity" In Various Contexts

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“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” says Einstein (Insane). This is the only one of the many thoughts about insanity. Many people have interpreted the word insanity in their area of profession for many years. Artists defended that insanity is the foundation of the creativity, while psychiatrist were defining it as “mentally illness, craziness.” This discrepancy became very clear in all sources when I was reading articles which are written out from different perspectives. I didn’t read only their interpretation about insanity; they showed me that what kind of thoughts which author has. Also they all are such as to authenticate that “someone ...view middle of the document...

Authors wanted to use a word which is not in holy books like madness or craziness, however it was not that common in society until 18th century and Modernism” (Thomson). New art movement named Modernism affected the meaning of the insanity, and it started to refer a new ideology; this made the word insanity attract the attention. Artists started to interpret insanity; thus it became widespread with new art works in all around the world. “While Modernism was dwindling, insanity started to lose its importance” (Thomson). Insanity goes through all of these processes; therefore it is impossible to ignore the entire story behind the word “insanity” in art. People, who don’t ignore this, preferred to use insanity by this way, and that created significant differences between them and other people.
While Modernism was dwindling, scientist and psychiatrist started to work on insanity’s scientific explanation. Insanity was still in the limelight owing to shady dropping cases after Modernism. Walter Channing, American psychiatrist and professor of medicine who was working in Harvard, explains those cases in his journal named A Case of Feigned Insanity. “Many suspects got out of jail, when they proved that they are insane. When these shady dropping cases appeared in the press, insanity was more important than ever before” (Channing). Insanity lost its artistic meaning and started to worry people because of those cases. When you used insanity, people visualize a scene which includes corpses and blood. It was not foundation of creativity anymore, it was using like a possible thesis of a scary movie. When dictionaries started to use insanity’s scientific definition which is “the state of being seriously mentally ill” (Oxford), insanity’s scientific use was getting far-flung. This situation caused the significant contradiction between people. Also different use of insanity –scientific, artistic- gives us opportunity to identify his/her thoughts and also area of profession from interpretation of insanity
I was not surprised by the argument between scientific and artistic definition of the word insanity, but I made nothing of the word insanity’s use in holy books. When insanity was in the limelight, many people preferred to use insanity for expressing other words. However, they caused to ambiguity when they used it instead of words which has divergent meanings. For example the Holy Bible, written source of Christianity which is most common religion in the world, use the word insanity in John 10:20 by saying “He has a demon and is insane” for expressing “extreme foolishness or irrationality” (Oxford). It is disparate definition; it has no similarity between previous uses. However, when you regard that religions defend that people have to be openhanded, you can recognize how...

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