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Definitional Essay On The Word Minority

644 words - 3 pages

Minority Report Ralph W. Sockman once said "The test of courage comes when we are in the minority; the test of tolerance comes when we are in the majority." The word minority has many meanings in many contexts it's no longer just about race or ethnicity, it's much deeper. Our society and culture is always changing and so is the way people interpret the word is forever evolving. Often people jump on the race bandwagon but, minority is anything that is not majority, whether it be involving politics, sports, or just day to day life.Most times when people think of the word minority they immediately associate it with race. Its much more in depth then just race it involves so many different aspects of our lives. There is no denying that race used to be most of what minority meant. But that is no longer the case. Our society is diminishing the thought of being a part of a minority group with it's 'everyone's equal' campaign. On some stages everyone is not equal, nor should they be. In the world of sports society is learning how to walk on egg shells because they don't want kids or even young adults to feel left out, or in other words a minority. In some cases high schools are not giving out awards because of this theory. Education is the same situation, although people still get awards education is not what it used to be I've known many people that should not have graduated but did because the school did not want to make them feel as though they were in the minority group of kids who did not graduate. Because society tells us everyone is equal they are taking that literally, on these stages the role of minority is diminishing. In some ways minority is not defined by numbers at all but instead it is defined by who has the control of economic, social, political and...

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