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Definitions From A Literary Work Essay

4098 words - 17 pages

1. colobous – pg. 9
Line: “These were colobus monkeys, and sometimes one would come down from a tree and scuttle across the meadow near the tent, watching them with alert, intelligent eyes. (Adjective)
Definition: leaf-eating African monkey with silky fur, a long tail, and very small or absent thumbs.
Sentences: 1. The colobus are a prime example of vegetarians since their diet consists of plants. (Noun)
2. She had an obsession with silk and strived to get the rarest piece for her collection, colobus fur. (Adjective)
3. The Wall of China being the length of a colobus monkey might be a hyperbole, but is not a huge stretch.

2. meandered – pg.10
Line: “They bush-whacked up the valley, following elephant trails that meandered beside a little stream that ran through strands of olive tress and grassy meadows. (Verb)
Definition: following a winding course.
Sentences: 1. The double-decker bus meandered carefully on Lombardi Street to avoid crashes. (Verb)
2. Watch out that you don’t hit the meandering pedestrian on the crosswalk. (Adjective)
3. The drunk man meandered out in the parking lot while he tried and find his car. (Verb)

3. granules – pg. 18
Line: “The black vomit is not really black; it is a speckled liquid of two colors, black and red, a stew of tarry granules mixed with fresh red arterial blood.” (Noun)
Definition: a small compact particle of a substance.
Sentences: 1. My coffee machine isn’t working, there are still some coffee granules at the bottom of my cup. (Noun)
2. This essay is too granular, the analysis is shallow and it needs to go deeper. (Adjective)
3. I hate it when granules of sand get stuck to my feet; they are hard to properly wash off.

4. coagulate – pg. 28
Line: “…and the blood ran from the punctures down the patient’s arm and wouldn’t coagulate.” (Verb)
Definition: a change from a solid state to a semi-solid state.
Sentences: 1. Due to the fact mayonnaise coagulates; it cannot be considered a liquid or solid. (Verb)
2. The coagulated butter is a result of it being left out in the heat too long. (Adjective)
3. Ice cream coagulates prior to completely melting.

5. cadavers – pg. 38
Line: “…who had handled Marbug-infected bodies and who himself came down with Marburg, having caught it from the cadavers.” (noun)
Definition: a corpse
Sentences: 1. At a funeral, the cadaver is often put in a coffin to try and preserve it. (Noun)
2. The sleeping girl was so motionless she looked like a cadaver.
3. The cadaveric body was mistaken as a stage prop. (Adjective)

6. paroxysm – pg. 51
Line: “Occasionally she would go into a paroxysm of cleaning, and she would race around the house for an hour, throwing things into closets. (Noun)
Definition: a sudden attack or violent expression of a particular emotion or activity.
Sentences: 1. A person with mood swings constantly has a paroxysm of emotions, going from nonchalant to enraged. (Noun)
2. The paroxysmal woman often confused her friends; she would be laughing with them one minute and...

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