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My final paper is going to be discussing the effects of deforestation on indigenous people in Indonesia, Australia and Brazil. The factors that contribute to deforestation are: lack of available arable land due to the increase in agricultural needs; illegal logging to produce timber products; and forest fires that could be due to natural causes or intentional (WWF,2013). All these activities have a negative impact on not only the biodiversity of these regions but also on the forest-dwelling communities that rely on them for their livelihoods. Green peace (2013) has proposed some key solutions that must be implemented to control the rate of deforestation worldwide. First, the multinational corporations that are behind these destructive activities also have the power to reduce their impact and should start acting more responsibly. Second consumers need to become more aware of how and where their products are coming from by buying sustainable options. Lastly, politics plays a crucial role in the management of forest activities and governments need to implement strict policies to achieve ambitious targets like zero deforestation by 2020.

-The main causes of deforestation.
-Current & Future trends.
-Consequences of deforestation.
-Current health trends of indigenous people.
-Causes of deforestation in Indonesia, Australia and Brazil.
-Health impacts on indigenous populations in these countries due to deforestation.
Summary of main research findings.

Kunitz,S.J. (2000). “Public Health Then and Now: Globalization, States, and the Health of Indigenous Peoples”. American Journal of Public Health. Vol. 90 (10), pp: 1531-1539.

This article discusses the states’ relationship with indigenous people which in most cases has been a negative one. Interaction with the state is usually leaves them at a disadvantage, and a measure of this would be health status (mortality and fertility, rates of population growth or decline, morbidity). The increase in globalization has also lead to many indigenous people to become incorporated into the state, however there is evidence that these people have lower life expectancies, lower incomes, and worse health than the non indigenous population of the same state.
This paper has provides data that the life expectancy of indigenous people in Australia is the lowest out of New Zealand and United States. Kunitz has found that the life expectancy of indigenous people is significantly less than the non indigenous people. He investigates further to find out why this is the case.

Gracey,M. And King, M. (2009). “Indigenous health part 1: determinants and disease patterns”. Vol. 374.

This article provides good...

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