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Deforestation And The Amazon Rainforest Essay

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Deforestation and the Amazon Rainforest: The DownfallThe Amazon Rainforest is more than likely the most well-known rainforest in the world. It is home to many species of animals, insects, plants, microorganisms, and some indigenous populations. Some species that thrive in the Amazon are actually becoming extinct. The Amazon as a whole has seen a lot of deforestation in past years, and is continuing to see it. Logging and burning for different purposes is what deforestation really boils down to. From logging the trees for urbanization purposes, to burning forestland for livestock grazing purposes, the Amazon is slowly slipping away, and there are a lot of negative downfalls of this. There are cures for cancer that are located in the Amazon, and other various, huge, reasons as to why deforestation of the Amazon need to slow down. If the trend continues at this rate, there will be more and more problems. Deforestation of the Amazon Rainforest is bound to do more harm to not just the region that it is in, but the world.Reasons for Deforestation in the AmazonThere are various reasons that deforestation has occurred in the Amazon Rainforest. The first and most used reason, is cattle ranching. "The large and medium-sized ranches account for about 70% of clearing activity. (In Brazilian Amazonia)" (Fearnside 2005). The cattle industry makes a lot of money for Brazil, however, it is "only one of the income sources that make deforestation profitable. Since there is/was not enough room for as much ranching that is wanted/needed, the only way that seems to make since is to literally move the forest out of the way. Another reason for deforestation is the growing demand for natural resources. "As human population size increases, demand for natural resources will increase" (Presley et al. 2008). This means that since the population is rising in the area, it only seems logical to use the resources out of the Amazon. Another, rather large, reason for the process of deforestation in Amazonia is the paving of roads. The Amazon is "being cleared rapidly, and road paving has stimulated this process and consequently prompted forest clearing" (Sun et al. 2013). To compete with other nations, the majority of the countries located in Amazonia are clearing trees to pave highways. A couple of popular ways that the rainforest is being taken down is through logging and burning. In logging, what is being done, is trees are being cut down. Even though deforestation as a whole really is not that great, if it does occur, the only way it needs to happen is through logging (cutting down trees). The other really popular way is what most that are using the land purposes for agriculture do. This method is burning. Burning is even more harmful to the environment than what deforestation in itself already is, because what the fires emit into the air is harmful; especially at such high levels.Negative Effects of DeforestationOne could go on and on about the negative side effects of...

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