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Deforestation As A Major Problem Essay

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In order for living creatures to survive, a stable environment must exist.
Although the environment is crucial for mans survival, man has been destroying it
since the beginning of time. Man has been destroying trees for the use of wood for
centuries. Today with an increasing population the amount of wood available has declined seriously in recent decades. People have been harvesting wood to cultivate land, burn, and for the use of raw materials for industry (Urquhart 2014). The estimated amount of deforestation taking place is twenty million hectares per year (Urquhart 2014). Climate change and global warming are just a few of the problems associated with the degradation of our forests.

Scientists themselves are just beginning to understand the serious problems caused by deforestation. Deforestation occurs all over the world by all types of people. Peasant farmers even add to the problem because in most tropical countries the farmers are very poor only making between eight hundred and fifty four hundred dollars annually (NASA Facts). Therefore, they do not have enough money to buy what they need to live therefore they must farm to raise crops for food and to sell. In these poor countries the majority of people are peasant farmers this farming adds up to a great deal of deforestation. These farmers chop down a small area of trees for there plot to farm on and burn the tree trunks (NASA Facts). The combined number of farmers maintaining this process creates a great deal of clearing and burning of the land they need to cultivate, which results in land being treeless. Commercial logging is also another common form of deforestation. This commercial logging wipes out massive amounts of land sometimes deforesting several miles at a time (NASA Facts). They do this by means of heavy machinery such as bulldozers, and road graders to remove trees and build roads. This is just as damaging to a forest as cutting down individual trees (NASA Facts). It is so damaging because to get the machinery into a forest they must cut down trees to form a pathway. By forming this pathway the trees in the way become useless because they were bulldozed out of the ground.

Population affects the land differently by the ways people use the lands. From
1990 to 2000 closed forests lost a lot of land. The closed forests worldwide lost 34.8 million hectares and other land cover lost 21.6 million hectares. The total landmass of this loss of forests is comparable to the size of France (Marcoux). Most of this land was lost due to permanent agriculture and pastures. This is a lot of land over a ten year period that people have destroyed when they could have used other methods of
farming to gain more profit and conserve land. This type of farming also leads to
rapid population growth in these areas, which are taking more and more forestland.
The rapid growth comes from people trying to seek land to colonize for it’s farming,
or by agricultural entrepreneurs trying to...

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