Deforestation As A Global Issue Essay

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Hypothesis:Deforestation is a global issue, not just one country's

I have been asked to write an assignment on the effects and causes of
the deforestation-taking place in the Amazon rainforest. During this
assignment I shall investigate the following topics:

· Why has deforestation taken place in the Amazon rainforest?

· Can the government of Brazilsolve this major

· Before and after destruction issue?

· What are the developments in the rainforest?

· What are the negative consequences of deforestation?

· Identify the main green house gases and the reasons for their

· How dose deforestation in Brazil effect its government and the rest
of the world?

Why has Deforestation taken place in the Amazon Rainforest?

The clearing of tropical forests across the globe has been occurring
in one form or the other for many years. Deforestation, involves the
cutting down, and burning of rainforests to attain resources. If the
current rate of deforestation continues, the world's rain forests will
vanish and disappear of the face of the earth within the next 100
years, causing catastrophic effects on global climate and the loss of
thousands of plant and animal species.

Deforestation occurs in many forms. The majority of the clearing is
used for agricultural purposes, such as grazing cattle and planting
crops. The native people of the rainforests, the Amerindians, chop
down a small area and burn the land to clear it in a process called
Slash and Burn. Today, agriculture occurs on a much larger scale, with
many acres of land being destroyed. Multi National Companies, such as
McDonalds, purchase huge areas of land of the Brazilian government for
cattle ranching as the land in the Amazon is extremely cheap for these
billion dollar companies.

Commercial logging is cutting trees for sale as timber or pulp.
Logging can occur selectively so only the economically valuable
species are cut or by clear-cutting all the trees. Commercial logging
uses heavy machinery, such as bulldozers and trucks to transport the
logs to processing factories and for export so further land must be
cleared for this purpose as well.

Can the Goverment of Brazil solve this major Issue?

The causes of deforestation are very complex. A competitive global
economy drives the need for money to sustain economic growth. The
government sells land concessions to anyone who is willing to pay
them, to pay off international debt and to develop their industry.

Brazil has an estimated international debt of $100 billion and without
utilizing every bit of resource they have got and maximizing it to
earn the largest possible amount of money out of it, they would be
unable to keep up with the repayments of these debts. The Brazilian
government has no other choice but to utilize its...

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