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Deforestation In Brazil Essay

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Brazil has had one of the highest rates of deforestation over the past years. It’s beautiful amazon has a dark past of destruction. That destruction is deforestation. Yes that amazing and huge forest used to be even more beautiful until it was cut,burned,and destroyed by the brazilian people. Not just the brazilian people are the ones responsible for that because even us at the other side of the planet are to blame for what is happening to one of the last amazons in the planet.
How could we who are no where near to the brazilian amazon be possibly responsible for what is happening there? Well that hamburger and those napkins that you are using at this very moment at your favorite fast food ...view middle of the document...

This is probably because brazil’s main economy is controlled by agribusiness. Most farmers have signed a land government registry. Slaughterhouses have agreed to the protocol so now the people could see if they are falling behind.
Deforestation has been around since about the beginning of time. In the website article, “The history of deforestation”,it says that about half a million years ago was when deforestation first occurred. Probably 9/10 of deforestation happened before the 1950s. The only difference from then and now is that we have managed to speed up deforestation a great deal. The more we have industrialized the more and more we use of mother nature. Such as in medicine and now being able to cause deforestation to happen easier and faster. For example now we don’t even need to use an axe but just plug in a saw. We were able to create all these machines, now will we be able to stop using them to help save the environment.
The effects of deforestation have been really hard since then as well. It has affected our biodiversity, it has affected the quality of the soil in Brazil, the local tribes in Brazil, and the one we all heard, global warming(“Effects of deforestation in Brazil”). With the biodiversity of the animals changing this leads to animal extinction and less herbs to create medicine. Also with the trees cut down it causes soil to loss it nutrients of the soil and more likely to cause soil erosion because there are no trees to absorb the water and the rainfall continues. With deforestation happening it has caused lots of local tribes in Brazil to disappeared because they need the forest for many reasons. Also the most know reason is that it is a big cause for deforestation.
In the past years deforestation in brazil has changed a lot. The amazon contains nearly ⅓ of the planet’s tropical rainforest. That is about the size west of the US Mississippi, which holds 120 billion tons...

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