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Deforestation Of The Rainforest Essay

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What are the real reasons why rainforest are being destroyed? Agriculture, Cattle
Ranching, Dams, Logging, Mining, and Oil Companies, all of these are major reasons why our
rainforests are disappearing. Animals, plants, and even people are losing their homes. Does it
matter? Can they be saved?
The biggest cause to today’s disappearing rainforests is cattle ranching. ”Eighty-percent
of the rainforest is being turned into pastures (Jamie)”. “Nearly 200 square feet of rainforest
land is being destroyed because of cattle ranching (Jamie)”. Fifty-percent of the rainforest is
destroyed due to slash n burn. “Slash n burn is the process of cutting down the vegetation in a
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Loggers cut down the rainforest for many
reasons, money is the main reason.
A major problem that seriously affects the rainforest is oil companies searching for new
oil deposits. “Oil companies are responsible for deforestation (Jamie).” Deforestation is the
clearing of trees transforming a forest into cleared land. Many negative effects in the rainforest
come from deforestation. “The most dramatic impact is the loss of habitats for millions of
species (Deforestation Information).” Seventy percent of earths land animals and plants that
live in the rainforest will not survive if their habitat is destroyed. “Nearly 80,000 acres are
destroyed because of oil companies (Jamie).” “The largest oil spill was in the Amazon when
nearly 400 barrels where spilled. It was largely ignored, because of the multiple waterways
(Jamie). Millions of animals and plants died during the oil spill, due to the oil getting into the
Do you enjoy eating fruits? Most of our everyday fruits like bananas and pineapple
come from the rainforest. Coffee and tea are also grown in the rainforest. Famers all around
the world are cutting down the rainforest for new places to plant their crops, because the soil is
fertile. The soil of the rainforest does not sustain crops for very long therefore, farmers have to
cut down more of the rainforest for new plantations. “Farmers also use the slash n burn
process for planting crops (Steif).” Plants and animals lose tons of food, due to the famers
cutting down the trees. Animals lose not only food but also their homes when farmers take
away the trees. Plants in the rainforest hold the key to making medicine here in the United E Scott 3

States. “One out of four ingredients for our medicine is from rainforest plants (Facts about the
Rainforest). “One hundred and forty-seven plants and animals are killed every day (Facts on ...

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