Deforestation: The Root To All Of The Earth’s Environmental Concerns

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Forests, around the world, are being continually chopped down by humans to make way for businesses such as Cattle Ranching, Mining, and Oil Production. But while these industries may hit big in the trade market by exporting all their products elsewhere, the fact is the forest clearers are really just shooting themselves in the foot. By cutting down all those trees, we are lowering the amount of oxygen and increasing the amount of carbon dioxide, which is bad for our lungs. Not only that, deforestation also leaves thousands of animals homeless and starving, until they eventually die off. On top of that, the profusion of carbon dioxide has pretty much pumped steroids into the beast that is global warming. That’s right; Deforestation is the root to all of the Earth’s environmental and wildlife concerns, and it is a global crisis that must be dealt with before we regret it.
Over the last 40 years, deforestation has increased substantially, and the infamous Amazon Rainforest has had at least 20% of its trees and forest cover exterminated, leaving many animals hung out to dry. And I mean many animals. Close to 137 species of animals are becoming extinct every day, adding up to 50,000 species of animals kicking the bucket each year – all because of deforestation. In fact, rainforests are home to more than half of the earth’s plant and animal species. Think of all the animals losing their habitats if Two NFL Football Field’s worth of rainforest is demolished every day. It pains me to even think about it. Taking an animal’s home away is the cruelest form of animal abuse I can think of. It’s like someone is in the hospital on a life support system, completely dependent on the life-support system to stay alive. Next thing you know, somebody is paid a large amount of money to unplug the human from the life support system, wheel it away and stick a slot machine where the human once was. Sure, the slot machine may collect a ton of money, but you just traded a human life for some money.
Second of all, Global Warming has been on everyone’s mind for a good amount of time. It is one of the major environmental issues that’s melting the polar ice caps and steadily increasing the weather temperature. Lots of people claim it’s due to the cars, trucks, and other automobiles releasing gas and carbon dioxide that turns into greenhouse gases, which causes global warming. As much as we’d like to say using electrical cars and staying fuel-efficient...

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