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Defying Mother Nature Essay

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Defying Mother Nature refers to defying its natural laws. There are several people who are changing their identity, making plans to resist future consequences, having vaccinations to be free from infections, but is it possible for humans to defy Mother Nature? Most scientists, nowadays, prove "manipulators of nature" wrong, and it is impossible for humans to correct all natural flaws because there is a limit to it according to the fate which Mother Nature has put for humans.
Even though humans are building constructions to prevent natural disasters, Mother Nature overpowers them by provoking natural disasters. Some of which is when a tornado hit Queens, New York in 2012; the tornado exceeded the sea shore of the beach, hit benches, and carried and threw away garbage cans (Williams, 2012). Two years before, an earthquake struck Youngstown, and this natural disaster was caused by Youngstown's people (Choi, 2013).In 2008, a devastating flood wet most of New Orleans due to the built up dams. The Hirakud dam was also built to prevent dams and improve irrigation in Orissa, India, but a flood destroyed the town instead; Orissa is small town ad whatever catastrophes happen to it endangers the whole demographic. This incident led to sixty-eight deaths and four and an half million people undergoing hunger hardships, and 2,999km road was ruined too. (Panda, 2008) Therefore, people should realize defying Mother Nature and constructions preventing natural disasters might actually worsen their society's current situation.
Unbelievably, there are airheads who are willing to take risks and have plastic surgeries when it is not worth the pain since it is unhealthy and unhuman. Most plastic surgeries tend to be very expensive as compared to one's small demands. They are mostly unsuccessful; according to Forbes, breast augmentation causes numbness in patients' breasts and may lead to their removal (Marcus, 2007). The availability of having a plastic surgery gives people choices of manipulating their identity. To illustrate, Dennis Avner is a lady who transformed herself into a cat man but actually looks like an unearthly creature (Hickman, 2012). Thus, these people should realize that plastic surgeries will influence their health and will lead to their unhuman appearance.
Some people might be free from infections and are still allowing vaccinations access their body to prevent diseases, but Mother Nature can change their fate and make them flu patients. As mentioned by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, people who have flu vaccinations may have a twisted fate and be infected. Scientists studied 2229 asthmatically sick children of ages six to seventeen years old who had asthma vaccines. So after having live vaccines, 4.1% of them were endangered with influenza. Another type of vaccine, trivalent inactivated influenza vaccine, infected 6.2% of these children with influenza (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,...

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