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Degeneration Of The Kids On The Island.

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Since the beginning of time, savagery has existed inside of humankind. As time and people have become more civilized the desire to kill mitigates to nothing more than entertainment. In Lord of the Flies we could see that man can quickly revert to a savage life style if placed into a hostile environment.The boys in the novel begin as civilized children who obey the laws they were taught their whole lives. Upon arriving on the island, it was fresh in their young minds, so it took some time for them to forget it. The boys appoint a conch as the centerpiece of law and order in their community. Roger was quiet and civilized acting when he arrives on the island, but he quickly becomes one of the most evil boys on the island. His first showing of being evil is when he throws rocks near the littluns. Although this does not seem evil, it begins his diabolic ways. Roger realizes that throwing the rocks at the littluns is wrong, but he does not care. When Jack, Ralph, and Roger go searching for the beast Roger aggress to go because he does not fear what they might encounter. Showing no fear in most people may be looked at as a brave thing to do but he is only doing it because he has reverted to a very primitive life style. In addition to the death of Piggy and the conch was the death of all intellectual and civilized manners left in the boys. Not even civilization could help Roger because of his vice attitude. Jack attempts to maintain a civilized life style when he arrives on the island, but his ferocity overcomes him with the thoughts of killing. Jack's savagery begins to come out when he breaks Piggy's glasses in the fight. Piggy's glasses being broken symbolize how the boys are losing sight of what civilization has taught them. In addition, the fight shows that Jack is slowing losing self-control of his emotions. Jack loathes Ralph so much that he puts them in a constant rivalry with each other partly because Jack thinks about nothing more than hunting and killing, and Ralph still has some rational thoughts. The constant rivalry between the two boys only brings out anger in them which gets them closer to total savageness. Jack's constant thoughts towards killing implies that civilize thinking is no longer available in...

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