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Dehydration Essay

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DehydrationSharon AkersSci241January 25, 2009The human brain is made up of 95% water; blood has 82% and the lungs have 90%. Ittakes as little as a 2% drop in our body's water supply to start to show signs ofdehydration. Men are more watery than women. A man's body is 60 to 65% water,compared to 50 to 60% for a woman. This difference is because men have more muscle,which contains a lot of water, and women have more fat, which has almost no water(chapter9 water, and minerals pg. 282). Water is important to the mechanics of the humanbody. The body cannot work without it. Water also plays a key role in the prevention ofdisease. Drinking eight glasses of water a day can prevent the risk of colon cancer by45%, bladder cancer by 50% and some doctors say water may even reduce the risk ofbreast cancer. Water works as a solvent for nutrients water also helps the body eliminatewaste products from the cells. Water also works to lubricates joints and acts as shockabsorbers inside the eyes and spinal cord. When a women is pregnant the Amniotic fluid,which made up of mostly water, protects the baby in the womb.Water also helps the body maintain a constant temperature almost as if it were athermostat inside the body(Neill 2008). When a person becomes to hot from being in ahot environment or from intense physical activity such as sports, the body begins tosweat. Once the sweat evaporates it lowers the body temperature and restoreshomeostasis. Most experts agree that drinking eight eight-ounce glasses is a goodamount, but this mainly depends on the persons need. Most adults will lose between twoto three quarts of water per day by way of normal body functions, but athletes and forpeople who live in or work in warmer environments may lose more. Our bodies are madeup of 55-70% water, but it does not replenish itself, so drinking water helps maintain ahealthy balance.When you are thirsty a cold soda may feel nice going down, but these kind ofbeverages with caffeine and sugars are not meant to hydrate the body. Water is the bestremedy for dehydration. If mild dehydration sets in, it can decrease one's energy leveland mental functioning and increase stress on the body. Early symptoms of dehydrationcan include thirst, headache, fatigue, loss of appetite, dry eyes and dry mouth, and darkcolored urine. Severe dehydration can have far more damaging effects, such as loss ofbody functioning, nausea, difficulty concentrating, confusion, and disorientation. Alcoholand caffeine, such as soda are not good sources of liquids to drink, especially during hotand humid months. These two actually create a water loss in the body, this is also called adiuretic effect. The...

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6695 words - 27 pages , dehydration, overhydration, and liver failure all invalidate the BUN as a test for renal dysfunction. Diseased or damaged kidneys cause an elevated BUN because the kidneys are less able to rid the blood of the waste product urea. Higher than normal bun levels can be caused by poor circulation to the kidneys. Severely dehydrated clients may also have an elevated Bun related to the lack of volume to excrete waste products. Diets high in protein such as

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