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Deja Vu Essay

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Through the corner of my eye, a car surged to a halt at the blinking red light. The breeze collided with my face, what a good feeling it was, cooling my warm skin. In the sweltering heat, a heat as wild as a loose, angered gorilla, I gazed through the tinted matt window, it was difficult to see. I made a picture out of the fuzzy view and saw a glamorous women sat beside a striking man. I looked at the car, with watery eyes, I regretted how I, I could have earned myself a fabulous car like that; it was not the case as I derailed my education far too early to get myself there. I turned a deaf ear to it.
After a while I was curious of who was in such an elegant car. Was it a doctor? Or was it a geologist? I was so perplexed; I had to turn to my work buddy. I asked Bruce “Who d’ya think they are mate?”, but the answer was already something I knew, “Some filthy rich couple”. Then suddenly all four windows rolled down. Was it Homer Simpson! No, just the stench of garbage getting to me yet another time. Well it did remind me of him. An old mans suit reflected in a posh mixture of white, grey and black, it was a three-piece linen suit, which I could see at the back. With a stethoscope a steered ray of light shone into my face, (nearly blinding me).
The smell of the car spread throughout the desolate landscape, a fragrance of satisfying leather. I breathed in again; it might have been the three-piece linen suit. I swiftly looked away and moved back as lad’s green searing eyes locked mine. Me staring at the couple at that moment, reality hit me between the vast...

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