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Delaware Delaware is a really cool state. I say that because there is not a whole-lot of crime there and for country folks it's great because there is a lot of cows and pigs, but there are also a lot of cars there too. It was some rivers and creeks land definition and tons of history, but there isn't very many people there compared to California.Delaware has gained 2 nicknames over the years, The First State and The Diamond State. It got the nickname The First State because it was the first state to ratify the constitution. It got the nickname the Diamond State because they are the world leaders in diamond mining.Delaware was some really neat geography because they have swamps, rivers, lakes, but they really don't really have a lot mountains. They have the biggest natural cypress swamp in the world and Pocomoke Swamp the northern most swamp in the United States. They have a couple rivers the Christina and Brandywine Creek. As for lakes the have Chesapeake Bay and Delaware Bay.Delaware has a lot of economic activity. More than 80% of Delaware's farm income is from the production of broiler chickens and a variety of other things including soybeans, greenhouse products and corn. Milk is also produced considering that Delaware was more cows than they know what to do with. Fishing is declining but crabs, shad, cod, oysters and clams are caught. Delaware has many useful industries. Delaware industries major in food processing, primary metals, machinery, leather goods, fabricated metals, printing and publishing. They also make a whole- lot of textiles like linoleum. They also make a lot of chemicals and cars. They are one of the most popular car states in the United States.Delaware's climate is on the cold side with the average temperature in January is 32 and 72 in July. Delaware is also on the storm track of the Gulf of Mexico. Delaware's average rainfall is about 44 inches.Delaware has common natural resources. Kaolin is the most significant natural resource followed by granite,...

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1438 words - 6 pages The Right to Drink Underaged drinking has become a rising problem in the small wonder of Delaware. This problem of underaged drinking has affected 32,000 of Delawareans (“Delaware Dropout Summary Statistics”) aging from 12-20. It has lasted a long period of time while the general public is now engaging more in underaged drinking even though it is against the rules. Delaware continues to face the intensity of this problem by having higher

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1891 words - 8 pages Residential Speeding Throughout many neighborhoods in Delaware, reckless, speeding drivers endanger innocent children. As a result of these negligent drivers, Delaware kids frequently get hit by speeding cars. In fact, the Delaware Department of Transportation, or DELDOT, has gathered research proving that speeding in neighborhoods leads to a large number of fatalities and injuries. The Department of Transportation reports, “Motor vehicle

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2275 words - 9 pages percent since records began in 1978” and a serious financial problem for students emerges(Huffington Post, 2012). One thing should be clear given these statistics: something must be done to help lessen the financial burden being placed on today’s students. Considering the implications of these two figures, the University of Delaware should attempt to remedy the increasing cost of textbooks as soon as possible before they overwhelm students any more

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704 words - 3 pages Delaware / MississippiDefinition of reckless driving:~No person shall drive any vehicle or wanton disregard for the safety of persons or property.~Any person who drives in such a manner as to indicate either a wilful or wanton disregard for the safety of persons or property is guilty of reckless driving. Reckless driving shall be considered a greater offense than careless driving.Punishment for first offense:~Be fined no less than $100 nor more

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