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Delegation Paper Mgt 330

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Delegation is the process of organizing responsibility to those that can complete the given task. Tasks need to be assigned at the lowest level of the school employees that are capable of accomplishing them. The purpose of this report is to illustrate how managers in the school system delegate as part of their management responsibilities. I will discuss how delegation could be used more effectively with the 4 functions of management within our schools. I will also discuss the skills that are necessary for effective delegation. From the school board down to the student and parents need to have proper delegation skills to increase communication with all that are involved in the school.BackgroundI work for the public school system as a paraprofessional in the English as a Second Language department. I am responsible for helping children that are non-English speaking and do not have the comprehension of our English language. We are a kindergarten through sixth grade school. Delegation is a big part of our school due to the levels of responsibility there are to ensure a well informed and safe environment with consistency for all.Skills for Effective DelegationIdentify the Task. For delegation to be effective there are several factors. The first is to identify what tasks need to be completed. Not all tasks can be completed at once. Confidential tasks remain the responsibility of upper management to maintain confidentiality. If the task is unfamiliar to a certain employee it is best not to assign the task to someone that does not understand it. Delegating a task to a single employee will help to eliminate confusion and it helps the person to learn from the experience and to be accountable for the task.Choose the Right Employee. When choosing the right employee it needs to be based on the level of his or her ability to complete the task. It is good to understand if the employee has the proper experience to handle a job and does he or she have time to complete the task. Another point to look at is if the employee likes new challenges and has the person met deadlines in the past, and does he or she have a cooperative attitude.Give Directions. When giving directions 3 items need to be emphasized. The first is the organizations goal. Tasks need to be put in perspective for the employee, in order to motivate him or her to complete the task. Time restrictions are important. The employee needs to understand the time that the task needs to be completed and why. Let the employee know the level of responsibility. This establishes a sense of accountability a sense of accountability and enhances commitment to the task.Monitor the Progress. Monitoring the progress of the employee helps for management to identify possible setbacks and allows for the employee to achieve small tasks to get to the ultimate goal. This will also identify if the employee needs assistance or more time to complete the task.Provide Feedback. Providing feedback to the employee will help the...

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