Delhi Sands Flower Loving Fly Essay

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Rhaphiomidas terminates abdominalis better known as the Delhi Sands Fly, is mention as an endangered species. According to the American Museum of Natural History, the species was listed as an Endangered Species in 1993, and only five populations were known to have existed (AMNH).The Delhi Sands Fly, was the seventeenth insect but the first fly to be protected by the Endanger Species Act of 1973 (AMNH). The natural history of the Delhi Sands Fly consists of numerous particulars such as, the fly was found only in small parts of San Bernardino and Riverside California counties, located at the eastern edge of the Los Angeles Basin in areas of fine sandy soil, known as Delhi series sand. This species live in sparsely vegetated sand dunes and are flower-loving flies who feeds off nectar and can hovers like a hummingbird. It is also one of the largest flies in the world which measure an inch long.The adults are active in the months of August and September during which they feed, mate and lay their eggs. Female Delhi Sands flies has a long ovipositor and lays her eggs an inch or two beneath the soil under the shade of shrubs. The eggs hatch in around eleven to twelve days, larvae develop entirely below the ground and are probably predaceous.The Delhi Sands Fly fits into the eco system because it feeds on nectar and mimics the pollinating behavior of hummingbirds and butterflies. It is possible that the Delhi Sands Fly transfer pollen from an anther to the stigma of a flower. The population is important for this individual species at large because without an adequate population of the Delhi Sands Fly the pollinating of some specific plants that the insects took nectar from, are no longer in existence.Although the Delhi Sand Flower Loving Fly, delayed the construction of the San Bernardino Medical Center in California, it also affected the original hospital site which had to be move two-hundred and fifty feet away form the original site. Also eight of the sixty-four acres have been set aside to preserve the flies' habitation, currently the site is surrounded by a chain link fence, posted "No Trespassing".The City of San Bernardino has already spent...

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