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Birth Essay

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How To Prepare For The Birth Of Your Child
1. Record the beginning date of your last menstrual cycle. Try to remember if it
was a cycle
consistent with the pattern of your regular cycles. Was it a heavier or lighter
blood flow than usual? Was it
late? Did it last as long as your usual cycles? What are your symptoms of
pregnancy? Have you had sexual
intercourse lately, or has it been five years? Keep this information in a place
where you can access it
2. Call your doctor. I would suggest skipping your physician, and
calling your gynecologist
immediately. The doctor will schedule an appointment for you to have a pregnancy
test. At this
appointment you will be given a urine test. If the results are positive for
pregnancy, you will receive an
extensive internal exam. If they aren?t, you need more help than I cangive you!
The doctor will take
cultures of your tissue to test for infections and sexually transmitted
diseases. You will be given a rough
estimate of how far along the pregnancy is. You will be counseled on the
results, and every option you have
regarding pregnancy. If you decide to carry the child to term, 9 months, your
doctor will give you a bottle
of pre-natal vitamins. Schedule and attend all future pre-natal appointments,
and avoid the excessive usage
of ultrasounds. If you have other doctors appointments, make sure they know you
are pregnant. Some tests
and medications are dangerous to an unborn child.
3. Consider all alternatives, such as delivery, abortion, and adoption,
and make a decision. If you
decide to carry the child full term, continue on to the following steps. If you
do not choose to, arrange an
appointment with your doctor for further counseling. Make sure you have the
means to pay for the options
you choose. You will either need a very rich husband, or medical insurance.
4. Take one vitamin, given to you by the doctor, every morning until the
end of your pregnancy. If
they make you puke, try taking them at a different times of the day. If they
still make you sick, call your
doctor. Your doctor will tell you to switch to a multi-vitamin from the store.
If these changes do not work,
you will need to change your diet to make sure you are receiving all the
vitamins you need. Your doctor
may require blood tests to make sure.
5. Prepare yourself emotionally. You need to change your personal habits
and lifestyle based on the
knowledge that your unborn child is defenseless, and needs to be placed as first
priority. Smoking, drinking
alcohol, taking drugs, consuming excessive amounts of caffeine, and other such
habits should be stopped.
Situations that may cause distress need to be avoided also. You need to realize
that soon you will not have
the body of a supermodel, but you will be beutiful and radiant in other ways.
The radiance may be due, in
part, to the apple juice and milk you will be slugging down.
6. Start a journal to your child. This increases the bond between a
mother and child. This will help
you realize...

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