Dell Computer Supply Chain Management Essay

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Dell Computer Supply Chain Management

Table of Contents

Executive Summary                                              3
Focus of the Proposal                                              4

Research and Analysis:
Dell¡¯s Competitive Advantage                                    6
Dell¡¯s IT Tools                                                9
Dell¡¯s Business Model                                        14
Dell¡¯s IT Infrastructure                                        18

Our Recommendations                                        22

Resources                                                  26

Executive Summary

     Constantly changing technology directly impacts Dell¡¯s success and future. Although Dell is an extremely successful company, there are areas of improvement and enhancement that should be considered. After a thorough analysis of Dell¡¯s IT tools, business model, IT infrastructure and competitive advantage, we have developed seven key suggestions. By implementing these recommendations, Dell can keep its high ranking in the competitive computer industry by increasing customer satisfaction, competitive advantage and superior value chain, without changing its principal operations to achieve these goals....

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