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Dell E Marketing Strategy Essay

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The objective of an e-Marketing Strategy is to create a sustainable competitive advantage and improve performance by capitalizing on technology and enterprise resources. The E-Marketing Strategy is essential to good business and a companies overall E-Business model. According to Wilder (1999), "Many companies are struggling with the most basic problem: What's the best E-business model? They're experimenting with different formulas. Some are incorporating E-business throughout the organization. Some are creating E-business subsidiaries, then spinning them off as separate online entities. Others are investing in or merging with Internet startups. Some are even moving their businesses entirely to the Web."
"E-marketing tools and processes allow firms to deliver on the marketing concept to individual consumers in ways that could rarely be achieved in the past. The Internet allows for mass customization, so individuals can now contact firms electronically over the Internet and receive responses tailored to their needs" ("What is E-Marketing?", 2003).
This paper will explore the e-Marketing strategy used by Dell Computer Company, evaluate the appropriateness of the Internet as a medium to market their products, and examine advertising and public relations alternatives.
Dell Computer Company
Dell is a global computer company that has become the company to benchmark in the computer industry. Michael Dell created Dell Computer in 1984 and the company essentially changed the way consumers purchase computers by eliminating the middleman and allowing customers to purchase equipment direct from the company. This has allowed them to have a closer relationship with their customers so they can understand their needs and constantly improve service.
Dell sells a variety of goods such as desktop and notebook computers, their own brand of televisions, handhelds, printers and various other electronics and accessories. Computer equipment arrives with a large color-coded diagram showing the customer exactly how to hook up equipment. The customer can also pay to have someone come to his or her home to set up the equipment leaving the computer ready to use. Dell also markets equipment such as servers and storage solutions to small and large businesses but their main customer is the home consumer.
Dell's target audience for their website is consumers around the world. Dell has done an effective job with their website by allowing the consumer to choose which country they are from on the companies...

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