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TABLE OF CONTENTS1. COMAPANY OVERVIEW ..................................................... 22.ORGANISATIONAL BEHAVIOUR WITHIN DELL ITS CULTURE .......................................................................83.ORGANISATIONAL STRUCTURE ..........................................94.TYPES ....................................................................................... 125.ORGANISATIONAL CULTURE ............................................ 176.ORGANISATIONAL BEHAVIOUR ........................................217.CONCLUSION ...........................................................................378.BIBLOGRAPHY . .......................................................................411. Company Overview1.1. Background of Dell Inc.Dell Inc. is one of world' largest multinational technology corporation that manufactures sells and supports personal computer and other computer related.Dell was founded as PC's Limited in 1984 by Michael Dell, with a start-up money totaling $1,000, when he was attending the University of Texas. Michael Dell started his business with a simple concept that selling computer systems directly to customer would be the best way to understand their needs and give them the most computing solutions. The first product of the company is a self-designed computer called Turbo PC which had lower prices than major brands. PC's Limited was not a first company to do this but was the first to succeed, grossing $73 million in its first year trading.The company changed its name to Dell Computer Corporation in 1988. They tried to sell computer through stores in1990 but was unsuccessful and they returned to sell directly to customers.Dell was included in Fortune Magazine as one of the world's 500 largest companies in 1992. Four years later, Dell began to sell computer through its website. In 1999, Dell beat Compaq and became the biggest seller PCs in the US with $25 billion in revenue.In 2003, the company's name was changed to Dell Inc.In 2004, Dell tried to expand its sales include televisions, printers and digital audio players. At the same year, Michael Dell resigned and retaining as chairman of the board. Kevin Rollins became new CEO.In 2005, Dell appeared at the first place in the Most Admired Companies of Fortune Magazine.In 2006, Dell bought Alienware - a computer hardware manufacturer.In 2007, Kevin Rollins resigned and Michael Dell resumed as CEO. This same year, Dell had partnership with Wall-mart, Staples and Gome that helped it to reach new customers and extend its distribution.1.2. Industry overviewAs we know, computer industry is a highly competitive industry. And this industry is very flexible, technology is changing day by day, companies and organizations have to change to catch up with the speed of technology. If the companies cannot catch up with it, they will be eliminated by their competitors. Here are few names of outstanding companies in the industry:* HP started in 1939.* IBM joined in computer industry...

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