Dell's Solution For The Y2 K Bug

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Dell's Solution for The Y2K Bug

The company in which we choose to perform an analysis concerning the Y2K problem is Dell Computer Corporation. We were able to find many outstanding measurements that Dell has taken to make their computer hardware and software compliant for the year 2000. We also found how Dell is helping their employees and most importantly, their customers in dealing with the Y2K problem.
Before we move on, we would like to give you a quick preview of Dell's background, the type of computers Dells has to offer and how the Y2K bug will affect their production line. We will also discuss the type of software Dell has to offer with each customer’s purchase, and how each software purchase has a chance of being affected by the Y2K bug.
Through this report we will also discuss the five steps which Dell Recommend. These steps will help Dell and its customers prepare for the Y2K millenium, and will help avoid any major downtime within the company.
The Y2K problem is a big issue to Dell and many other small or large business owners, and how the Y2K problem can paralyze the world when the year 2000 arrives. In other words, what needs to be done, and how do we prevent this problem from hurting our economy and our communications technology. The most important question in every ones mind is what to do to solve the Y2K problem. This will be discussed in detail.

Michael S. Dell founded Dell Computer Corporation in 1984. Its main headquarters is located in Round Rock, Texas and is the leading direct computer system company in the United States. Dell’s viewpoint in the computer industry was to bypass the middleman who adds little value to the product. Its main focus is to sell custom-built PCs directly to the end-user. By doing this, Dell can better understand the customer’s needs and provide the most effective computing solutions to meet those needs. This will give customers better assurance towards their computer products. The company is the number two manufacturer in the United States, it’s the leading supplier of personal computers to business customers, government agencies, educational institutions, and consumers.
This innovated direct-marketing strategy made Dell one of the top two vendors of personal computers worldwide. In 14 years that Dell Corporation has been in production, Dell revenues have increased from 6 million to 16.8 Billion in the last four quarters. This has made Dell Corporation one of the Fortune 500 companies in America.
Dell Corporation operates in 33 different countries around the world. With their 23,000 employees on hand, they can serve more than 170 countries and territories around the world. The reason why Dell is so successful is because they are so unique from its competitors and because they offer superior customer service then most other corporations. They establish great relationships with their customers, both home-PC users and many of the world’s largest corporations. One thing that people look...

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