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I.In order to sustain and improve Dell's performance and increased growth which will eventually lead to increase the market share, and to take advantage of the booming computer industry, Dell needs to come up with a plan to finance the future growth.II.Dell Computer Corporation, founded in 1984, designed, manufactured, sold, and serviced high performance personal computers (PC's). Its core strategy, and advantage over competitors, was selling directly to customers. In 1996, Dell reported an impressive growth in sales of 52%.III.We forecasted, using the percent of sales method, for the next three years financial statements and we have done two analyses. First by increasing sales 20% and the other we increased sales by 50%. The financial ratios of our pro forma were also calculated. All these information were used to figure out the Additional Fund Needed (AFN). Our final results came with negative AFN which means that the company doesn't need external financing.IV.As we have seen in our analysis, Dell has it all worked out. By using its inventory system accurately, the company has more than enough resources to finance its growth internally and without any need for external financing. Moreover the company, using its internal funds, can payout its long term debt and increase its dividend policy without affecting its growth and future expansion potentials.Dell Computer CorporationCompany BackgroundDell Computer Corporation was founded by Michael Dell in 1984. The company designed, manufactured, sold, and serviced high performance personal computers (PC's). It succeeded when it began to market and sell its own brand personal computer by taking orders over a toll free telephone line, and shipping directly to customers, which was Dell's core strategy. This, combined with the Build-to-order model gave Dell the upper hand over its competitors.Dell's build-to-order manufacturing process yielded low finished goods inventory balances. By the mid 1990s Dell's work-in-process (WIP) and finished goods inventory as a percent of total inventory ranged from 10% to 20%. This contrasted sharply with the industry leaders, such as Compaq, Apple, and IBM, who's WIP and finished goods inventory typically ranged from 50% to 70% of total inventory, not including inventory held by their resellers.On September 10, 1990, in an attempt to capture sales from small businesses and first time consumers, Dell announced it was breaking from its direct-only business model and would begin to sell its PCs through CompUSA. Over the next two and a half years, Dell expanded this indirect distribution channel and continued aggressive pursuit of foreign markets. Annual sales increased by 268% within two years, compared to industry growth of 5%, and moved Dell into the top five in worldwide market share.Dell then shifted its focus from exclusively growth to liquidity, profitability, and growth. For its 1996 fiscal year, ended January 31, 1996, Dell reported revenue of $5.3 billion with net...

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3429 words - 14 pages guide to strategy, structure & process, page: 23, 26. Jossey-Boss publisher (2002).Carroll W. Frenzel (1999). Management of IT: Decentralise IT-operations vs. Dell's global integration, page: 475. Course Technology (1999).Jan W. Rivkin and Michael E. Porter, "Matching Dell", HBS case 9-799-158.Richard S. Ruback and Aldo Sesia Jr, "Dell's Working Capital", HBS case 9-201-029.

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3431 words - 14 pages ). "Designing ORGANIZATIONS": An executive guide to strategy, structure & process, page: 23, 26. Jossey-Boss publisher (2002).Carroll W. Frenzel (1999). Management of IT: Decentralise IT-operations vs. Dell's global integration, page: 475. Course Technology (1999).Jan W. Rivkin and Michael E. Porter, "Matching Dell", HBS case 9-799-158.Richard S. Ruback and Aldo Sesia Jr, "Dell's Working Capital", HBS case 9-201-029.

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3236 words - 13 pages performance. Strategy: a view from the top (an executive perspective): 2nd edition. Retrieved May 27, 2007 from University of Phoenix, Resource MBA 530- Human Capital Development website.Lindsay, C.G. 2005. TOC in the DC: warehouse management gets a makeover with a manufacturing staple. Industrial Engineer, 37(5), p29. Retrieved May 27, 2007, from InfoTrac OneFile database.MDF Systems, Inc. 2004. 32 benefits of outsourcing. Retrieved May 27, 2007, from

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