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Dell Supply Chain Management Essay

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Supply chain simulation learning report
Supply chain management is an integrated approach to planning, implementing and controlling the flow of information, materials and services from the raw materials and suppliers for the manufacture of the completed or finished product for the distribution to the customer.
He we see about supply and demand which is the back bone of any market economy. Demand refers to how much of products are demanded by the customers. When demand increases in turn the price of the product rises. Supply refers to how much the market can supply/offer. Price is the reflection of supply or demand.
DELL – supply chain
Supply chain process used by Dell has been considered ...view middle of the document...

ERP systems is the business management software which helped to improve supply chain management. ERP system is the combination of integrated application. In this system company can use to store and manage data. It also includes.
• Product planning, cost and development
• Manufacturing
• Marketing and sales
• Inventory management
• Shipping and payment
To start with the purpose of the simulation is to learn the experience of running and dealing with the issues of lean production lines and how Information Technology can be applied.
The simulation game in each table the game is played with four teams of operators who work different stations.
First team sorts the Lego bricks into colours
Second team sorts the bricks into different sizes
Third team sorts the bricks according to the requirements to build a house
Fourth team takes the bricks and builds the house according to the instructions
Four rounds are played in the game using different systems such as pull system, push system, work cell and kaizen.
Push system round 1
Teams are sorted and start working very fast. Since the customer demand will be drawn at the end of the round. This system ends with overproduction and waiting (waiting for the next step in the process).
Pull system – downstream information round 2
In this system the teams builds only what is consumed and when it is consumed. In this process the risk of obsolescence or expiration is minimized. This system is driven by customer demand.
Work cell round 3
Simultaneous work construction in work cells. This system is designed to...

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