Delta Air Lines: Onward And Upward Essay

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AbstractDelta Air Lines business challenges forced the company into bankruptcy. Delta emerged from Chapter 11 and implemented a comprehensive Transformation Plan to turn the company around. The Transformation Plan set the recovery framework for Delta's open systems of interacting components. This paper examines the task, people, technology, and task environment components of Delta. The company's task places emphasis on its people and customers. The company has made significant investments in its customer products and people to drive a customer-focused culture. Technology improvements have been introduced to drive operational efficiencies and customer satisfaction.Delta Air Lines: Onward and UpwardA complete understanding of organizational behavior requires both an understanding of human behavior and an understanding of the organizational context within which human behavior is acted upon. The organizational context is the specific setting within which organizational behavior is enacted (Nelson and Quick, 2006, p8.). Organizations are open systems of interacting components, which are tasks, people, technology and structure. In addition to these internal components, the organization as a system also has an internal task environment (Nelson and Quick, 2006, p.8). The difficulties and hopeful success of operating an intensely dynamic organization can be seen through an analysis Delta and their incorporation the necessary components of an organization. Delta's situation further invokes its usefulness when their dealings with bankruptcy are brought to into the discussion.TaskThe task of an organization is its mission, purpose or goal for existing (Nelson and Quick, 2006). The task component of Delta's operation tell the shareowners, customers, and employees - this is who we are, this is what we do, and this is where we are headed (Scholtes, 1998). Delta's mission establishes direction for the company and helps to determine if it is making progress (Kemp and Dwyer, 2003).Delta's vision is to become the world's greatest airline, while the company's mission is to build an airline operated by people whose commitment to service ensures customers will always choose to fly Delta (Delta Air Lines, 2007). The mission broadly charts the company's future direction, which involves both the employees and customers in the recovery process. Delta has designed its Transformation Plan and goals to enable the achievement of the organization's task. The plan include investments in its people to drive employee behavior and task performance, and to deliver customer service excellence. Some of the people solutions include leadership engagement, performance management, continuous improvement and shared rewards (Delta Air Lines, 2007). To help create a customer-focused culture, the company has invested in its product offering; multilingual options, new interiors, in-seat live TV, meal upgrades, and facility upgrades (Delta Air Lines, 2007).Delta's plan outlines the most...

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