Demand And Supply Short Questions Essay

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A place where buyers and sellers negotiate for buying & selling of goods & services.


Monopolistic market

Single person controls the market



Two persons hold the market



A market situation when there are about five to twenty sellers of a commodity in the market.


Monoplistic competition

When there are more sellers than oligoply but less than perfect competition (less than 100)


Perfect competition/ perfect market/ free market

100+ sellers, price taker, open entry & exit, total awareness, price set by demand & supply.



Willness to purchase + powers to purchase


Individual demand

Demand of a single person.


Market demand

Agregate of all individual demands.


Law of demand

When price of a commodity increases, its demand decreases and vice versa.



Quantity of a good offered for sale in the market on a particular time.


Law of supply

When price of a commodity increases, oits supply also increases, and vice versa.


Market equilibrium/ demand and supply together

A situation when the quantity demanded and supplied become equal.


Equilibrium price

Price at equilibrium point.


Equilibrium quantity

Quantity demanded and supplied at equilibrium point.


Inferior goods

Goods whose demand decreases with the increase in incomes of people and vice versa.


Superior goods

Goods whose demand increases wih the increase in incomes of people and vice versa.


Normal goods

Goods whose demand decreases with the increase in their prices and vice versa.


Giffen goods

Goods whose demand increases with the increase in their prices and vice versa.


Substitute goods

Goods which can be use in place of each other, like floor and rice.


Complementary goods

Goods which cannot be uses without each other, like pen and ink.


Demand curve

It is left to right downward.


Supply curve

It is left to right upward.


Changes in demand

Change in the quantity demanded due to change in price or some other factors.


Movement of demand curve

Change in demand due to change in price.


Shift in demand

Change in demand due to some other factors than price.


Extension of demand

Increase in demand due to decrease in price.


Contraction of demand

Decrease in demand due to increase in price.


Rise in demand

Increase in demand due to some other factors thand price.


Fall of demand

Decrease in demand due to some oother fectors than price.


Changes in supply

Change in the quantity supplied due to change in price or some other factors.


Movement in supply

Change in supply due to change in price.


Shift in supply

Change in supply due to change in some other factors than supply.


Extention in supply

Increase in supply due to increase in price.



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