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Dementia Is The Leading Cause Of Alzheimer’s Disease

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Dementia is the progressive deterioration and impairment of memory, reasoning, and other cognitive functions occurring as the result of a disease or condition. Dementia can affect the person’s ability to carry out daily activities. For example, the person may forget where they live or they might think they have already done their activities but never did. Dementia can also cause the elderly to become incontinent and can’t control their urinary system. Many people get confused that dementia is a disease. Dementia is not a disease. However, it can lead to a disease or condition. Dementia is more common in the elderly population. It’s normal for people to forget things, but to a certain extent ...view middle of the document...

The one way to improve functioning is rehabilitation (Quinn, Busse, Dal Bello-Hass, 2013). Although there are many different types of dementia, there is no cure for it. There is medication available to help control the disease, but it will not cure it. As the disease gets farther into its system, the harder it will be for the elderly to remember.
People get confused that having dementia means that they have a disease or condition. Dementia is neither of those, it just means that the memory of the person is progressively deteriorating and can result into a disease or condition. There are many symptoms of dementia. A group of scientist developed a test to see if depression is a symptom of dementia. Before the assessment, they had to choose their targets. The sample test consisted of 332 participants less than the age of 75, and they had to be diagnosed with dementia. The way the research was done was by a trained research assistant, most likely a psychologist or physician. This research was conducted every one in a half year. The first assessment was the assessment of depression. That was used to test how long the depression lasts and what age they are. They came up with symptoms like depressed mood, loss of interest in activities, loss or gain of weight and appetite, changes in sleeping patterns, guilt, and suicidal thoughts. After that test they concluded that depression does potentially result in dementia. The second assessment was on dementia. This test involved all kinds of dementia like, Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, Huntington Disease, and more. There was always a follow up on the participants due to how they were diagnosed. As a result of the test, almost all the participants had a history of depression. Most of the participants were on early-onset depression while the others were reported on the late-onset depression. They reported, “Subjects with a history of depression reported more depressive symptoms that subjects without a history of depression” (Heser etal, 2013). Depression plays a role in the cause of dementia because of memory impairment.
A growing number of adults are being diagnosed to dementia every year in the United States. This affects the patient, families, and the healthcare and long-term care systems. President Barack Obama signed the National Alzheimer’s Project Act in 2011. This was to let the federal government keep track the costs of public programs such as Medicare and Medicaid that result in dementia. In order for a patient to be cared for with dementia, they need to stay in a skilled nursing facility. They may also stay at home with someone coming to care for them. There facilities such as a skilled nursing facility, hospice, outpatient care, and home care. Medicare provides all this. However, it depends on the patient’s condition on how much it will cost them to live in a skilled facility. The estimated cost per person with dementia in formal home care and nursing home care is $33,329 each year....

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