Demetrius, A Superbly Unique And Difficult Character

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In William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Demetrius is a character who’s personal characteristics are difficult to recognize except for his relation to the one whom he loves, or more principally, the one who is in love with him.

His annoyance of Helena illustrates the first symbols of his unique characteristics; before being charmed in Act II, he even threatens Helena with bodily harm, coming off not as the affable lover he truly means to be. It is simple to understand his ungracious character, however, by how easily he was distracted from Helena by Hermia at the beginning of the play. It seems that he could, in fact, be a generous and loving man if he truthfully desired to be, but he is weak, and would rather be put in his place by others. In the end, still under the spell of fairy magic and therefore not seeing with true eyes, he is blankly laughing at the acted “lovers” in the play-within-the-play.

Since Demetrius only has two lines throughout the entire first act, it shows that he cannot stand up for himself; similarly, this lack of dialogue shows his lack of self-confidence and the representation of himself: “Relent, sweet Hermia, and, Lysander, yield Thy crazed title to my certain right.” (I.i.93-94) He believes that because he has the approval of Hermia’s father Egeus, that she should surrender immediately to him and he only states that Lysander is going against his privilege. This is because Demetrius cannot win over and get Hermia to fall in love with him, causing him to ask or even to bribe for Egeus’s approval. It is obvious that Demetrius is well supported by Egeus:

Scornful Lysander! true, he hath my...

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