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Deming Referred To The Old African Saying "It Takes The Whole Village To Raise A Child"

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Executive SummaryDeming referred to the old African saying "it takes the whole village to raise a child". In this paper we try to understand and interpret it through few core concepts of Quality and Total Quality Management introduced by quality gurus like Deming, Crosby, Juran and Gravin. This paper focuses on the quality journey of Eastman Chemical and presents an analysis of quality based strategies applied in Eastman chemical. This paper also evaluates the activities that indicate Eastman chemicals as a learning organization. The analysis indicated that Eastman Chemical thus entail high degree of TQM practices and is thus considered to be the best by its customers, employees and ...view middle of the document...

How could quality be assured in performance of every aspect of the business? The answer is Total Quality Management or TQMSo what is Total Quality Management or TQM?As stated by Bhatti, M., Kumar, K. & Schofield, M., (1998) TQM refers to philosophies in quality planning and management. The world "Total" refers to the entire organization focusing its efforts to the major issues affecting its final result.Total quality management is described (Terziovski, M., Sohal, A.S., Samson, D., 1996), "As a comprehensive set of processes which engage all people in a company on process improvements. TQM requires organizations to design their services and products with knowledge of their customer requirements".Quality guru and expert W. Edward Deming introduced and preached his "14-points" (see Appendix-I) for Total Quality Management, which can be apprehended as the basic philosophy on which any TQM effort must rest. However, as he continued to learn he summarized the 14-Points in what he called "The System of Profound Knowledge" which consisted of four interrelated parts: as cited in Evans, J & Lindsay W., (1998).1. Appreciation for a system: involves understanding how each component of the system works to produce the end product or service, and understanding how the system may be optimized for better and smoother performance.2. Understanding of variation: helps us to understand the common or special causes of change or variation in a system, which may be for better or worse.3. Theory of knowledge: involves understanding cause and effect relationship that can be used for future prediction and understanding the system for current and possible variation within, suggest possible outcomes of future course of action within the system.4. Psychology: helps us to understand people, interaction between people and circumstances, what motivates people (intrinsically and extrinsically) and helps us to understand that human resource of the organization can be the competitive advantage to a company.Deming put the TQM as a system approach and stressed that top management has the overriding responsibility for quality improvement. He also proposed a major cultural change in the organization in order to implement TQMJuran focused on three major issues, which he called it "Quality trilogy" consisting quality planning, quality control and quality improvement and he also advocated that TQM must start at the top. Like Juran and Deming Crosby also stated that TQM must start at the top. He defined TQM as "Conformance of requirement, not elegance" and introduced some concepts like Zero defects, cost of poor quality, doing the job right for the first time etc. All three of them had significantly different philosophies but were more alike than different and are synthesized by Evans, J & Lindsay W., (1998) under as the fundamental principal of TQM:1. Focus on customers and stakeholders2. Participation and teamwork by everyone in the organization3. A Process focus supported...

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