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Demo Essay

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Democracy is an important game-changer. In the past, people suffered from the sovereign who abuses their power to rule the society. The unfair policy restricts citizens’ freedom, yet they did not change for thousands of years. Pursuing democracy is a goal for most people since few hundred years ago. It did not only destroy imperial authoritarianism, but also brought us civil rights and better life quality. Why did it change the world? How could it last for several centuries? And what were the predictors of its success at the time? I would like to answer these questions below.
Democracy is a game-changer because it had inspired the human race and improved our lives. The concept was born during the Age of Enlightenments by the philosophers such as Rousseau and Montesquieu. According to Wilson (2004), they suggested science and logical thinking skills and raised the citizens’ awareness of politics and social affairs. People realized the fatal problem of societal totalitarianism, so they fought for their own inborn rights. During the protest of democracy, Declaration (1789) was made in terms of equality, rule of law, freedom and welfare, so the message of democratic revolution had been spread worldwide that nations such as Republic of China, India and some African countries could enjoy the fruit of revolution and break the dogma of absolute obedience. The countries thus manifested important qualities, such as justice and rule of law. People could live a better life without cruelty. This told us that democracy changed the world and turned a new leaf of history.

Although democracy benefits the people, it might lose its power if a society could not fulfil the essentials. For example, if the countries are poorly civilized or developed, the democracy will be weakened. They successfully maintain it because of their well civilization and development (Juan, as citied by Chan, 2004). First of all for civil society, residents do not only grant consent to their representatives into the council but also monitor them and get involved to social affairs by joining various organizations, protest or even civil disobedience if the performance of authority is unsatisfactory and unlawful. More importantly, poorer the economic system of a country or more resources are monopolized by one single party, the harder for citizens afford democracy campaigns, so the governments may be...

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