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The Government Of Democracy Essay

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The Mediterranean Sea measures 965,000 square miles, it is the center point of three continents, and a barrier separating two of the worlds greatest civilizations from one another. The Western Civilization and Eastern Civilization have both changed the world with their ideologies in numerous ways. Western Civilizations across Europe and Eastern Civilizations across the Middle East have both created their own cultures, ideologies of government and religion. Often throughout history these civilizations and their ideologies have caused great wars that have created ripples that are still felt today. Democracy is the most common form of government today and is considered to be the best functioning government. Yet in the Middle East only Israel, Turkey, and Cyprus have a democratic government. The Arab world is lagging behind the majority of the countries in the world by not adopting democracy. Many analysts argue that nationalism and Islam are the key components to why democracy has not yet been adopted by Middle Eastern countries.
Democracy means a “government by the people; a form of government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised directly by them or by their elected agents under a free electoral system.” Democracy is a Western Civilization ideology of Government invented in Ancient Greece, 507 BC by Cleisthenes, a Noble of Athens. However, the democracy that was in place was very different than the democracy that seen in America and other Western Societies today. For example, in Ancient Greece voting rights were immensely exclusive and not lucrative like they are today. For instance, there were 400,000 inhabitants of Athens at the time, yet only 60,000 of those people were citizens and allowed to vote. To qualify as a citizen in Athens, Greece, someone needed to be a free, land baring man and be no younger than 20 years of age. Another way that ancient Greek democracy differed from modern democracy is because they ran their government on a direct democracy system rather than an electoral democracy, also referred to as a Republic. Ancient Rome gave birth to the idea of a Republic, which dates back to 500 B.C. and to Romulus himself. Rome’s first form of Government was a republic, but faded out in 27 BC by Julius Caesar, the first emperor of Rome. Western Civilizations, like Ancient Greece and the Roman Republic, invented forms of government that gave thinkers of the 18th century, like Thomas Jefferson, John Locke and Voltaire, a new idea of democracy, liberty, and freedom. The ideology of democracy started as a Western idea and was readopted by western civilizations during the enlightenment period of Europe in the 16th-19th centuries.
Until the rise of Islam in the 7th century, the Middle East was occupied by many pastoral nomads and small villages established around Mecca and Medina. Muhammad was born in 570 A.D. in Saudi Arabia and was a merchant in his early life until 610 when he began his prophecies. By...

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