Democracy: A Unique Form Of People Power

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The word democracy is derived from the Greek words of “demos”, referring to people and “Kratos”, meaning power . The Greeks are credited with developing the earliest forms of democracy around 2,500 years ago. India, Russia, Japan and many other nations have only recently become democratic. Therefore, despite its lengthy history as a concept, democracy has only really become a global reality during the latter half of the 20th century. Democracy means many things to many different people. Winston Churchill has the belief that “…democracy is the worst form of government except all those other forms that have been tried from time to time.” Democracy is certainly a form of government, whereby the people rule through their elected representatives. The people are absolute, and are the supreme form of political authority. Democracy is also a guardian of the rights of all citizens and the state may not take away, nor interfere with certain basic rights. Finally democracy is the rule of law, under which all citizens are equal. The law maintains order, protects citizens and limits the power of the government. In brief, democracy is the institutionalization of liberty. For this rationale, any social order must possess the time-tested fundamentals of constitutional government, human rights, and equality before the law to be properly called democratic.

Democracy is a unique form of government by nature. There are numerous forms of government in which one person or just a select few obtain and hold political power in a nation. An autocracy is ruled by one person, royal families rule monarchies, dictatorships have but one person with authority and so on, so forth. The clear pattern here is that they are all governed by the few and are not chosen by the general population. True democracy is the only form of government in which every person has a say in the running of his or her country. It matters not what your ethnicity is, which religion you adhere to, your race, or gender, or even age. There is of course a voting age in Canada. However it is part of the beauty of democracy that, even those not of age are welcome to write to their local Member of Parliament or to have their voices heard by other means. Government must not be overly restrictive, as it is only the free man and woman who may unlock their full, unbridled potential. To that effect, we the people have the freedom to decide who shall govern on our behalf, to convey our voices and our wishes, both as a whole and as individuals.

Rights are a core component to any democracy. They guarantee all citizens a set of standards and values to call their own. A prime example of the embodiment of right is, The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms . ‘The Charter’ as it is also known as, ensures certain political rights to Canadian citizens and civil rights of everyone in Canada from the procedures and policies of every level of government. By far the most famous rights initiative ever formed was the...

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