Democracy Is The Vilest Form Of Government

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Pakistan’s history has been dominated by people demanding for democratic form of government. There have been several debates on which form of government is suitable for Pakistan and no one can come to a conclusion. Each democratic government has been replaced by dictators and no democratic government had completed it tenure. Of course there have been valid reasons for the removal of democratic governments by the military rulers but to this date Pakistan nation wants democracy. Although democratic government means people have more say in the government and there would be little chance of revolution and destabilization caused by it , democracy results in incompetent people forming governments, large scale corruption, instability and introduction of illegal ways of gaining power.
Democracy is the government of wealthy people which ultimately results in incompetent people gaining power. Majority of the people in Pakistan are uneducated and illiterate as the report by United Nations education department in 2012 stated that the illiteracy rate was 79%. Hence, these wealthy people bribe local tribes or their caste by providing them short term benefits and fake promises for the long run for example the pirs in the interior Sindh and Punjab. Furthermore, they have economic power to influence media and use it for their own benefit. Big business houses use daily news headlines to create public opinion in their favour. This influence of wealth over politics is probably clear in India, Pakistan and in many other countries which has led to the election of incompetent people in the government. Democratic leaders’ Yusuf raza gilani Bhutto zardari Nawaz sharif fooled people in their reign to get themselves elected by the use of their wealth and exploited the Pakistani people producing worst performances in the history of Pakistan. Democracy allows every citizen to be a part of the government but everybody is not fit for it. (Gupta)
Pakistan history has shown us that democracy in Pakistan is the most corrupt system of government. As people themselves form government their elected rulers tend to find glitches in the system. Moreover they have produced amendments in constitution to meet their ends. It is not surprising that Pakistan is one of those countries that have been producing corrupt democratic governments. Raymond baker writes in his book dirty money: “As in many other countries, when you control the political realm, you can get anything you want in the economic realm”. He further pointed out corruption in Nawaz sharif’s era in which he writes about the Malik Report. The Malik report, five years in the making, was released in 1998 which stated that “The extent and magnitude of this corruption is so staggering that it has put the very integrity of the country at stake.” In an interview, Malik added: “No other leader of Pakistan has taken that much money from the banks. There is no rule of law in Pakistan. It doesn’t exist.” (Baker) Benazir Bhutto’s...

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