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Democracy For None Essay

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Community Colleges are supposed to be outlets for students who cannot afford tuition at Universities or private institutions, and a place for academic awareness for those who don’t have a mindset of what type of education they wish to pursue in. In last July, the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges declared its preliminary decision to terminate City College of San Francisco’s accreditation, taking effect as of July 31, 2014.
Three CCSF panelists came to GCC on April 10, in Krieder Hall to spread awareness about the accreditation scare they are facing and what everyone can do to help the accreditation pass. They also discussed the negative results if the school is to shut down.
It was a packed event, students and staff sitting on the floors throughout the room to hear this lecture. The three panelists were Rafael Mandelman, a former CCSF trustee, Jaime Borrazas a faculty member, and Daniel Acree, a ...view middle of the document...

“This is a war. It’s a fight and the only way to win it is to stick together” Acree said.
“City College changed my life” he said. He added how the college has given him another chance to start his life over. He progressed to become the Vice President of the Veteran Alliance club. Even though he is transferring out in fall, he still worries about the reputation of his school.
“I don’t want to be at Berkeley and have City College closed” he added.
The enrollment at CCSF is over 100 thousand. Just imagine the number of students
who will end their education because of the college shutting down. Keep in mind GCC has 16 thousand students, so CCSF is more than five Glendale campuses.
The ACCJC, Western Association of Schools and Colleges had a meeting regarding the accreditation of San Francisco City College on June 5-7. The outcome was City College failed to meet nine out of eleven standards, and is on the verge of being disaccredited. In the meantime, students are taking classes as normal.
The ACCJC is an independent organization that accredits public and private colleges to provide students with financial aid, transferable courses, league sports, grant awards and degrees. Since, CCSF failed the evaluation, for one year they are on an appeal process. A special trustee was appointed to make executive decisions of the college. Robert Argella was given the position by the Community Colleges Board of Governors. He currently upholds all the power in the deciosn-maiking process at City College.

On Thursday, March 13, CCSF students shouting for the resignation of Roberto Argella, the appointed trustee to navigate the college through the appeal process. Argella has never had public meetings or online agendas. He has refused to meet with student representatives and has been making decisions behind closed doors. Students planned a sit-in protest in Conlan Hall to demand for a meeting because as a public school, they deserve to know the issues of the school. “Video footage clearly shows that all physical assaults were by police against students” ( Students were beaten with batons, pepper sprayed and punched upon on their campus for protesting to defend their right for an education.

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