Democracy In Lord Of The Flies

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This quote shows the significance of democracy and also highlights the only way for a democratic government to succeed is by having everyone working together. Our world today is separated by countries that each has their own suited government. However, a democracy is the most used and suitable government in order for any nation to succeed. Hence, a democratic government would be best suited for the boys on the island.

This means a society would only be run by the way people want it to be run. The boys on the island have a decision of whether to build a society or to struggle for survival. In other words, a democracy works by people working together and getting what they deserve. In a democratic government, citizens are given the right to vote, the right to express themselves and the freedom of speech. Therefore, a democratic government symbolizes Ralph.

Ralph is first elected leader by the boys. The boys seem to like the idea of voting. (Golding 30) This quote shows how the boys approved of voting for a leader and preferred Ralph’s idea over Jack’s. Furthermore, Ralph’s ideal society works by applying rules, such as the conch and freedom of speech when holding the conch. In addition, Ralph is always referred to as the leader, which represents civilization and order. The boys show acceptance and satisfaction towards the leader, Ralph. this indicates that the boys admire Ralph’s character and respect him, as their leader.

In comparison, a totalitarianism government gives a citizen almost no rights whatsoever. This system of government is made up of a single leader that has not been elected, but rather used his power to force himself into leadership, and will most probably use whatever means necessary to keep control upon his government. Thus, totalitarianism is the absolute control, usually by one man, of a society. Provided that, a dictatorial government symbolizes Jack.

Jack believes power is the way to succeed. Throughout the book, Jack’s savagery progresses as he continued to aim for leadership. He used the boys’ fear of the beast for granted, hence, gaining more and more power. (Golding 165) In this quote Jack assured the boys that everything would be alright...

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