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Democracy Scale Essay

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It would seem that a couple of things could have a scale to measure them. Measurement usually become after many centuries from the time of creating a concept or a definition of real life event. Meaning that time has an effect on how thing are perceived. In other words, various applications of a random concept could exceptionally increase, which leads to a couple ways of understanding that particular concept. For example, liberalism. Liberalism started many centuries ago in Europe. The goal at that time is to change the influence of a particular system, and that was the most important thing for liberalism. Looking now at liberalism, it is clear that that world has many definitions and kinds ...view middle of the document...

The moral of the story is that when some people are calm and feels normal; it does not mean that they are well taken care of. Even more, it might means that they are in the worst one ever. This also brings the concept of how zero democracy interpreted in dictatorship. It is exactly the opposite. It is also the ultimate way of applying dictatorship. Examples of the ultimate dictatorship are quite a lot in the history of human kind. While zero democracy does not mean anything, it is a description of other political system scale. Therefore, the problem with zero is that it will not define itself and has a multiple explanation of other terms that might be its exact opposite.
An implication of zero democracy is not just one instance; instead there are many implications that would derive us into not having the ability of finding the ultimate and concrete example of zero democracy. For instance, the Syrian revolution could one implication. The situation in Syria can only be summarized by the suffering of Syrians from the current political system. Actually, the suffering means a couple of definitions. First, fear is one of the descriptions of that would describe Syrians suffering. The problem is that Syrians suffer from fear even when they are supporting Bashar. People who support Bashar’s party fears the everyone who do not want him as a leader of Syria, while others are fearing from Bashar himself to kill them as soon as he can. Second, Syrians suffer from losing their beloved friends and family members. For instance, we cannot imagine the suffering of a mother of five strong guys when she kisses her third lost kid in the war before he was buried. The suffering of losing close people does not just happen once; instead some Syrians lost their entire family. Once, a teenager kid lost both his mother and father at the same time. His suffering can only described by looking at his picture after the event. Other example, a man lost his son and wife in one night when the mom was trying to warm her son’s body by sleeping on top of him. Unfortunately, they both died from the cold weather because they did not have a blanket to keep them warm. The suffering from losing people leads to another kind of suffering which is the suffering of living. As much help as Syrians get is also as much as they suffer. When we compare what was lost against the amount of help Syrians are getting, it is significantly less than their needs. Therefore, the Syrian revolution could mean a zero democracy. Another implication of zero democracy is what is happening to Muslims in Africa. They get killed in public without any mercy. Also, another implication is the number of people who were killed by Hitler’s army in the past. Suffering kinds are like pain’s one when Biss says “The pain of trying. The pain of living. A minor or a major pain?” (173). These kinds of suffering all applies to the implications mentioned above. Some of them are considered as major, while others considered...

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