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Democratic Ideals In American In The 1800s American Studies Essay

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America was a new country in the 1800s that was trying to figure out how to run its government and what rights everyone should have. It was decided that wealthy, educated men were to have control over the United States government. This caused oppression of other minority group’s rights. This oppressed them because the men running the government were making decision that were in their best interest and not in favor of other groups. The beginning of the United States history holds a lot oppression and struggles for the rights that the minority groups deserved (“History”). The democratic ideals that the oppressed wanted were liberty and equality. Liberty is that everyone has personal freedoms that they are entitled too. Such as, political and economic freedoms. Equality means that all people should be treated equal regardless race or sex and that a certain group of people cannot be favored more over another. The movement affected the country's patriotism, nationalism, federalism, and the common good. Patriotism is the love and support that one has for their country. Nationalism is the interest that one shows in their country's affairs. Federalism is the power divided between the federal government and the states. The common good is how an issue helps benefit an entire community or nation. The women's rights movement in the 1800s had a big impact on what democratic ideals meant in women's lives.
The oppressed minority groups during the time were women, African Americans, the uneducated and other minority immigrants. Women were seen as the lesser gender and were expected to obey their husbands, work at home, and take care of their children (Donnaway). Women, uneducated people, and other minority groups were discriminated against during this time period because they were seen as unqualified to vote or have certain jobs. This gave the wealthy and educated citizens advantage and control of the American government. Before the suffrage movement, most women could not have an opinion in matters, especially politics. Women wanted this to change because they were tired of being oppressed and they wanted to be able to voice their opinions of what should happen to our country (Hoffberger). The fight to start this movement wasn't easy, supporters were attacked, rioted, and fought so that their movement would be recognized . Susan B. Anthony was a well-known civil rights advocate. She has reports of being violently attacked, beaten, and criticised for her work in the movement. Many other supporters had similar stories (“Biography”). The main goal of the civil rights movement was to gain the right of liberty, equality, and freedom for all citizens of the United States (Walters). The suffrage movement inspired a convention called “The Seneca Falls Convention”. This convention was the first convention for women’s rights. The convention was organized by women supporter and advocates in 1848. During the convention, the supporters made a document of...

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