Demography: An Important And Well Regarded Subject Of Study

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The study of demography and statistics is essential for a nation. Statistical and demographical data provides the history of population growth. To understand the economical condition of a country, it is important to determine population growth rate and immigration pattern (Elliot). The government uses demographical information to determine the total resources needed to satisfy the demand of the total population (“Demographics Driving”). My maternal uncle, Dr. Mohammed Shahidullah, who is the Demographer of the Illinois Department of Public Health said, “The study of population can make a significant impact on the future of a nation.”
As a student Dr. Shahidullah was always interested in the study of population. In senior year of his high school, he met an American Peace Corps volunteer, who mentioned the importance of statistics as a discipline. He kept that in mind and set a goal that allowed him to become a successful demographer. As he is working with the US government, he is appreciating the importance of demography and statistical research. According to him demography is a well regarded matter in the present world.
Dr. Shahidullah grew up in Bangladesh, a country where the population was rapidly increasing, and poverty was widespread. He observed how the rapid growth of population affected the education system in Bangladesh. From his observations, he realized that gaining education wasn’t easy because of the lack of resources compared to the growing number of students. He was interested to observe this matter intimately. After completing his Undergraduate degree on statistics, he went to Australia to earn a M.A. degree on Demography. When he was in Australia, he noticed that Australian students had better educational opportunities. On his observation he found that Australian government emphasizes on demography, and that enabled them to provide enough resources to the students. He realized that he should try to improve the demographical education in Bangladesh. After his Masters in Australia, he returned to Bangladesh, and started his profession as an Assistant Professor in the Institute of Statistical Research Department at University of Dhaka.
Strong motivation and true intention helped Dr. Shahidullah to become a successful student regardless of the circumstances he experienced. In the 1970s education wasn’t easy to gain. Today we have a vast amount of resources and technologies available to us that can help us to become a successful student. In the 1970s resources were limited, and the education system was difficult. Dr. Shahidullah obtained education in such conditions where it was difficult to maintain daily expenses. He stated, “Now a day we have thousands of resources available to us for education that we never imagined in the 1970s.” In his student life he observed that the Bangladesh government’s ignorance towards the population growth made it impossible to provide enough resources for the growing number of students. That...

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