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Demonstrated Effectiveness Of Training Within The Workplace To Improve Overall Member Satisfaction

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The Quality Management Plan at Club Nova reflects two core quality improvement plans: House Cleanliness and Employee Retention. Club Nova collects member and staff satisfaction data at least semi-annually in order to analyze that data and to make headway in finding a remedy for these two issues. Alas, no solution has been found. Staff turnover rate is at an all-time high, with 6 of 10 staff having left Club Nova since July 2011. For the members, I recognize that losing valued and favored staff will result in decreased member participation and attendance, strained interactions with new staff, and overall dissatisfaction with the functioning of Club Nova. My solution is simple. Club Nova should invest in its staff. According to Nowack’s research (2011), 42.6% of those within his study reported that career growth and learning opportunities were a significant factor in their continued employment at a given job. Staff who are more knowledgeable about the Clubhouse Model and who receive various on-going training will operate a more efficient program, will experience less frustrations in dealing with the organizational style within Club Nova, and will enjoy their work significantly more thereby reducing staff turnover and improving member satisfaction.
Which Staff & Members Do We Offer Training?
Club Nova is a unique environment in which all members and staff function along-side each other to complete the tasks during the work-ordered day. Trainings should not be any different in this model. Tanvir, Hussain, & Janjua, (2011) defined training as the “attainment of the skill, ideas and attitudes to obtain the desired performance and results.” Given that the responsibilities of the day fall on both members and staff, each person in participation of daily tasks should be given the opportunity to obtain the same skill sets.
With both members and staff attending the same trainings, Club Nova will become more cohesive in nature. Although members and staff collectively work together, DeTienne, Agle, Phillips, & Ingerson, (2012) found “Stress has been shown to be a predictor of several outcome variables, such as organizational commitment, turnover intentions, job satisfaction, and job performance, all of which significantly impact a company’s profitability and productivity.” The members of Club Nova are primarily the most impacted by the above mentioned outcome measures. With additional trainings for both groups, each learn to support the other in order to decrease the significance of stressors.
So We Need Trainings, but What Kind?
Trainings should be specialized to the role of each member and staff. For example, a member working within the Program Unit as a receptionist or community education coordinator would and should receive training on effective communication within the workplace. Trainings such as leadership within a non-profit and building strong board support are examples of trainings which would be relevant to executive and...

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