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Demonstration Speech: How To Play Baseball

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Baseball/softball was, is, and always will be one of the most popular sports of all time. Homeruns, stealing second base, and spectacular plays and catches on the playing field will continue to catch the eyes of millions of people around the globe. Today I’m going to give you a brief demonstration of how the game of baseball/softball is played.
A team of players usually ranges from ten to forty players depending on how many people join the squad. The field consists of nine players on defense, as well as one batter at the plate playing offense. Of those nine players on the field, three play deep in the outfield (right, left, and center) who look to catch a ball hit in the air and get it back to the infield as quickly and efficiently as possible; if the ball drops then their goal is to hurry to the ball and get it back to the infield as quickly and efficiently as possible before the runner (after the ball is hit and the player gets on base because the ball wasn’t caught in the air, his title changes from a batter/hitter into a runner) advances to the next base.
The infield contains six men playing defense including the first baseman, second baseman, the shortstop, the third baseman, the catcher, and last, but certainly not least the pitcher (who is probably the most important position player on the field). The first four players I listed are the players that stand outside of the diamond surrounding the pitcher, and their goal is to scoop up or catch any ball hit before it gets out into the outfield and get it to a base before the runner touches it to keep the runner from advancing, also to cheer on and back up their pitcher, and lastly to let the guys in the outfield know what’s going on (i.e. the count, how many outs there are, how many runners are on base, and where to go if the ball is hit out there).
The last two men I listed are known as the pitcher and catcher. These are probably the most important pieces to a baseball/softball team. The pitcher’s job is simple; get this batter angry, frustrated and ready to storm back into the dugout with a sense of hopelessness. With an arsenal of throwing types and techniques, the pitcher and catcher...

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